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Found 3 results

  1. Ruby

    Lincoln Way App

    I am using the latest version of the Lincoln Way app on my iPhone 6s. I can no longer see what the remaining oil life is when using the app. Has this feature been removed?
  2. Has anyone else's Lincoln Way (Apple) stopped showing the Start and Lock function buttons? All the car information is there but none of the controls are showing up. I did get a text apologizing for issues about a week ago but since then nothing.
  3. I've been trying it out for about a week and find it useful in combination with the other Lincoln apps (Remote Access & Lincoln Way). Even though the Myford Mobile app is for the ford electric cars I find about half the features useful so it's worth in my case. I'll use it until a proper app for our vehicles drops. Things I can do with the myford app that I can't do with the Lincoln app: 1 I can start my car with the companion on my watch (I use to have to use an app called Tasker on android to achieve this before) 2 It will report the state of my windows (up or down) 3 It'll link to Amazon Echo to enable start, stop, check odometer and a few other functions by voice 4 I can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the app immediately + And I'm at the screen to start, lock & unlock your car (unlike the Lincoln Way app) as soon as you unlock the app Caveats -I can't find a way to schedule on this (probably because it wasn't meant for this type of vehicle) therefore I still keep the Lincoln Way app onboard for this purpose alone. -Most of the features are for the Ford electric cars