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Found 3 results

  1. Hi y'all, When I got my 2016 MKX last year in January, the dealer had a beautiful Black Label in the showroom with the Indulgence Theme. I noticed the different headlights, Adaptive LEDs like in the pic below, that can be found in Reserve models as part of the Luxury Package. My vehicle comes with the normal Adaptive HID, which are quite bright but not as beautiful and cool looking as these. They seem to have the same size vessel and I was wondering if anyone here has done a conversion or maybe anyone knows and has a good relationship with a service advisor that could give an opinion on how hard to achieve this could be.
  2. cen90

    head lights

    I have reserve with the luxury jeweled head lights window sticker say adaptive I cant tell when turning any other side lights coming on who else has these and what do you think I love the look and they are very bright leds ?
  3. boilerhawk14

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    I have read that the MKC's Adaptive Cruise Control system will not function under 12 mph, meaning that it won't be useful in stop and go traffic. Does anyone know or can anyone speculate whether this (ACC functioning in stop and go traffic) is something that will be available for the 2016 MKX?