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  1. atmkx

    A/C Not working

    It had not been working for about 4 hours but started working about 1/2 mile out as I drive it to the dealer.
  2. atmkx

    A/C Not working

    Update: Dealer could not get the problem to occur. They tested a few things but couldn't find anything wrong. They left it sit out over the weekend and the battery was dead this morning. So they ran it through the battery charging tests, but again couldn't find anything wrong. So my 3 month old 2016 MKX had an air condition failure for a few hours over two days and the battery went dead unexplicably ... But there's nothing wrong. WTH!?!?
  3. atmkx

    A/C Not working

    It occurred when the vehicle was started ... didn't work from the start.
  4. atmkx

    A/C Not working

    Checking to see if anyone has had the a/c stop working on their 2016 MKX. Mine stopped working one day but I was able to revive it by restarting the system. Next day it did the same thing but took 10-15 restarts over 4 hours to revive it. Now it's at the dealer but they can't get it to repeat the problem so they don't know what to do. No fault codes. Frustrated.
  5. atmkx

    Check headlamp system

    Following ... Showed up this morning on my May build MKX.
  6. Yeah, I've turned off park aid, rear and cross traffic alerts and everything else I can find. And I turn off the backup warning chime every time I back into the garage. It turns itself back on the next time I start the car. I guess I have two options: (1) Pull the fuse and (2) Leave the car running 24/7 so it won't turn itself back on.
  7. Due to how close I park when I back my MKX in the garage, the backup warning sound consistently chimes. It is easy to turn of at that moment, but I cannot figure out how to permanently disable it so that I don't have to do it every time I back in. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks akirby. I just assumed they knew what they were talking about and hadn't even looked in the manual. But I see it now. Seems pretty simple and maybe I'll just do it myself. However, that's not really the level of service I was hoping for. I realize this is just a little thing, but I sure would've liked them to take care of it.
  9. Picked up my new 2016 MKX the other day. I really like it so far, but I noticed something the first time driving at night. The low beams seemed to be either aimed too high or they were too bright. My suspicions were confirmed when about 1 out of every 4-5 cars I passed flashed me their brights (as if to let me know that I had my brights on). I double checked and my low beams were definitely on. So I asked the dealership to take a look. They told me there is no up/down adjustment on the headlights since it has adaptive lighting. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  10. When I ordered my "16 X a few weeks ago we agreed to a price a few hundred dollars over invoice, which was a little less than the "x-plan" that I qualify for. The incentive at the time (which I locked in and will also get) was $1500 plus the financing specials. My salesman said there may be "x-plan money" available when it comes in, which would make the price lower. Does anyone know what this "x-plan money" is?
  11. Thanks for approving me. Ordered a 2016 MKX 3 weeks ago today. Salesman said it should take about 8 weeks. AWD Reserve w/Ecoboost Luxe/Black/Sonata Spin Tow, All weather mats, Climate, Fancy seats