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  1. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Buzz. I am half an hour away from the plant, news is all over the news here. I myself was ready to order a 2021 , as I had a 2016, and have a 2019, at present. The sales manager I deal with told me to hold off till 2022 around Christmas time . He told me he has no idea when I would get my vehicle if I ordered 6 weeks ago. His best guess would be late June July , for that reason he told me to wait. This is one of the largest Lincoln dealers in Ontario.
  2. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    Oakville will be shut down due to chip shortage beginning this coming Monday till First Monday in May.
  3. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    My 2016 MKX was only in for oil changes as well as a radio issue . My 2019 has only been in for oil changes. This is as far as I am concerned the best car line that Ford/ Lincoln has done. As much as I really do want to get a 2021 I may keep my 2019 one more year. As I would generally have over 40k on it by now. Thanks to COVID I only have 22K. Will see in the next few weeks what I do when my dealer calls me with the incentives for spring selling season.
  4. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    I was going to order the 2.7 this time, as much as the 2.0 is a nice engine it still feels and sounds like a 4 cylinder, but very well muted. In Canada the 2.7 is a $4000 option. Granted you get 21 inch wheels , paddle shifters , as well as the dynamic suspension. The standard set up is nice as far as I am concerned. Not worth the up charge , even on a 3 year lease.
  5. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    I have a 2019 Nautilus and will be ordering a 2021 in the next few weeks. The GM that I work with at my dealer is waiting for the incentives for the April time frame to be clear to put a deal together. 2021 Reserve , 201A package , Chrome roof rails and Mat Package # 1. Artesian Blue , Sandstone Interior.
  6. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    There are a few Canadian dealerships that have it on their websites. Possibly a few USA dealers do as well . All i did was google 2021 Lincoln Nautilus build and price and it populated it for me.
  7. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    I contemplated an X3 when I leased my 2019 Nautilus, could not bring myself to that $$$. Also very seriously considered a Volvo XC90 same thing. My dealer gives me such deals that $$$$ spoke all to loud a difference. I am not even thinking this time when I get my 2021 in April. The only difference is I will order this time with the 6 cyl , as opposed to the standard 2.0. I want this not for the power , but for the smoothness.
  8. shoeguy

    2021 Nautilus

    I have 23,000 km on my 2019 Nautilus Reserve. I will be getting a 2021 Reserve when my dealer gets all the final pricing and incentives for April deliveries, which he anticipates will be middle of February. He has told me in Canada they will be pushing them very hard, like they did when I got my 2019. I may get one with the 6 cyl this time around. As I find the 2.0 just is not refined enough , and sounds like a 4. I prefer the smoothness of my old MKX 6 CYL.
  9. shoeguy

    All 4 windows go down on thier own.

    Hey Cosmos. Both the dealer and I have not ever been able to figure it out. Funny is that it did occur as well one day when I was at the dealer for an oil change, as they wondered who left the windows down in the middle of the winter. They have checked all electrical etc, they could not figure it out. The Lincoln service advisor that I have dealt with for years is just calling it a weird phantom glitch. Thet do not even have a clue where to look further. Happened again the other day on my driveway. My next door neighbor came over at 9 at night , to tell me my windows were down.
  10. Has anyone had this this issue previously. For no apparent reason the windows will just all roll down together without the car being on , or without any electrical being used. I will have all windows up when exiting the car, lock the car using my remote, and when I go to the car after either overnight , or just a few hours all the windows will be down. This is very random with no rhyme or particular circumstance to occur. It has happened 3 or 4 times in the last month. Any ideas what is causing this? I will make an appointment to bring it in next week.
  11. shoeguy

    2020 Nautilus

    The new Blue the replaces the Blue Diamond on the 2019 is almost identical to the electric Blue on my wifes 2018 Infinity Q50. It looks good on the Nautilus, not as subdues as the Blue Diamond .
  12. shoeguy

    Auto Start Stop.

    I have found from the day I took delivery of my 2.0 Nautilus that the auto start stop often seems to be somewhat jarring. Last week when I was in Arizona on vacation for two weeks I had a 19 Equinox with a 2.0 liter engine and start stop, the transition was almost seamless. Trying to get a sense of if my car is representative of Ford stop start, or if I have an issue to be addressed. Thx
  13. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    Hi Rick. I totally agree with you on this post. The comfort, ride quietness are all head and shoulders to what my 16 MKX Reserve was. I cant believe that I am getting well over 500 kilometers to a tank in the city, and over 700 on the high way. The 2.0 turbo is just as smooth the 3.7 V6 was.
  14. shoeguy

    21" Wheels

    Bright and Shiny. I must admit when the car is all waxed and the wheels are all dressed it look incredible. Enjoy.
  15. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    Just finished a road trip of approximately 550 k. This trip consisted of about 200k of highway driving at a good 120 k per hour, the balance being city and rural roads of mostly 50 - 80 k per hour. Dash readout of fuel economy is 10.6. I now have 2,200 kilometres on the car. With the type of driving the car has had I would now consider the engine broken in and this would now be a true read.