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  1. shoeguy

    All 4 windows go down on thier own.

    Hey Cosmos. Both the dealer and I have not ever been able to figure it out. Funny is that it did occur as well one day when I was at the dealer for an oil change, as they wondered who left the windows down in the middle of the winter. They have checked all electrical etc, they could not figure it out. The Lincoln service advisor that I have dealt with for years is just calling it a weird phantom glitch. Thet do not even have a clue where to look further. Happened again the other day on my driveway. My next door neighbor came over at 9 at night , to tell me my windows were down.
  2. Has anyone had this this issue previously. For no apparent reason the windows will just all roll down together without the car being on , or without any electrical being used. I will have all windows up when exiting the car, lock the car using my remote, and when I go to the car after either overnight , or just a few hours all the windows will be down. This is very random with no rhyme or particular circumstance to occur. It has happened 3 or 4 times in the last month. Any ideas what is causing this? I will make an appointment to bring it in next week.
  3. shoeguy

    2020 Nautilus

    The new Blue the replaces the Blue Diamond on the 2019 is almost identical to the electric Blue on my wifes 2018 Infinity Q50. It looks good on the Nautilus, not as subdues as the Blue Diamond .
  4. shoeguy

    Auto Start Stop.

    I have found from the day I took delivery of my 2.0 Nautilus that the auto start stop often seems to be somewhat jarring. Last week when I was in Arizona on vacation for two weeks I had a 19 Equinox with a 2.0 liter engine and start stop, the transition was almost seamless. Trying to get a sense of if my car is representative of Ford stop start, or if I have an issue to be addressed. Thx
  5. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    Hi Rick. I totally agree with you on this post. The comfort, ride quietness are all head and shoulders to what my 16 MKX Reserve was. I cant believe that I am getting well over 500 kilometers to a tank in the city, and over 700 on the high way. The 2.0 turbo is just as smooth the 3.7 V6 was.
  6. shoeguy

    21" Wheels

    Bright and Shiny. I must admit when the car is all waxed and the wheels are all dressed it look incredible. Enjoy.
  7. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    Just finished a road trip of approximately 550 k. This trip consisted of about 200k of highway driving at a good 120 k per hour, the balance being city and rural roads of mostly 50 - 80 k per hour. Dash readout of fuel economy is 10.6. I now have 2,200 kilometres on the car. With the type of driving the car has had I would now consider the engine broken in and this would now be a true read.
  8. I am currently on vacation in California for two weeks , have a 2019 fusion Hybrid. This thing has a great drivetrain. Very smooth and quiet , in fact as quiet as my Nautilus on the highway and dead quiet in the city, with plenty of giddy up. Fuel economy from the dash is showing 41.5 mpg. This is from driving San Diego to Palm Springs and some city driving. If this is the hybrid system that makes it into the Corsair or next gen MKZ if there is one , I found my next car. Extremely impressed. Too bad this car itself is dead man on four wheels.
  9. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    According to the readout on the dash it was appx 13.0 . Take that with a grain of salt , as this was only the first tank of fuel , and a partial second prior to my road trip, where I put miles on the car and have some break in on the engine. The car has been sitting on the driveway at home as I am catching rays on vacation for two weeks. When I get home I am going to fill it up and see where it sits. I will be able to tell you better then.
  10. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    No , I did not get the 22 way seats. As much as I enjoy a good massage , I could not justify the $$$, as well I enjoyed the seats in my MKX except for them being a little on the hard side, so I was good to go. Window sticker will not be available till about a week before build.
  11. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    When is yours expected ? Have you gone over to blue oval news to get your build date , and or window sticker if when it is available.
  12. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    I was doing about 110-115 on Friday on the way there as it was pouring rain almost the entire way. On the way home on Sunday afternoon I was doing a solid 120 almost the entire way. Once I hit Oshawa it was 110- 115. The car only has 500 k on it when I hit the road as well , it was not even broke in .
  13. I found the seats to be far superior also to my old MKX on my highway trip this weekend. Toronto Ottawa 4 hours.
  14. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    To me both engines have their positive and negative points. I must say that I would never buy a car because of fuel economy , but yeah what a difference. In the MKX I would do the one way trip Ottawa from Toronto and the car used according to the fuel gauge 3/4 tank, with the 2.0 was just a hair over 1/2. Which again using the meter on the car was 9.2 , VS 11.4 , A VERY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE. The extra torque is a difference in the 2.0 , yet I do find some turbo lag, so if I need to get away fast I do think about it for a split second. The 2.0 has a bit of the 4cylinder engine vibration at idle, the 3.7 was typical v6 smooth. Overall the car when on the road driving is smoother to drive , more buttoned down and a tad quitter than the MKX. The Continental tires are a huge improvement over the Hankook that were original equipment on the other.
  15. shoeguy

    First road trip observations

    I just got back from my first road trip where I put almost 1,000 kilometres on the car diving from Toronto to Ottawa and back , the bulk of all the driving being highway driving. The fuel economy as registered on the dash was 9.2 litres per gallon which is significantly better than my MKX , which delivered at best for the same drive 11.4. The car I will say seemed to have a bit more wind noise around the from the front of the car, yet that could have been as it was vert windy. The car itself seemed to be more buttoned down to the road with a bit more road feel than the MKX yet was much smother a drive and quieter than the MKX. The adaptive cruise control with lane keeping tends to be a little twitchy, I did turn it off and kept only the cruise on. The 2.0 litre engine in my car has a bit of a growl when you hit the gas pedal , my MKX with the 3.7 was a bit smoother. All in all a terrific highway car , and city car as well.