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  1. Are you serious?? I didn't know mmoretti doesn't even own an MKX - then why does he/she post here? That is the most pathetic thing I've heard in a long time. Thanks for the "ignore" instructions.
  2. mtmtmt

    Good News!

    Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying mine.
  3. mtmtmt

    MKX Insurance Rates

    In rural Northeast PA, I pay $268 every six months. This gets me two levels above the required minimum - 250/500 with a $500 deductible. PA registration is $36 or $48 a year - don't recall
  4. mtmtmt

    MKX Body Side Molding? Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

    I guess I'm the minority on this subject, but I wanted to avoid the dents and dings at all costs. I installed a molding I found on Ebay. There were three types available - a black, a chrome and a painted one. I went with the chrome and after putting masking tape on the MKX, cleaning with an alcohol towelette and applying the primer (which was a small tube with built-in applicator) the molding appplied with a 3M sticky back. It compliments the existing molding on the rocker panel. $129.20 http://www.ebay.com/itm/For-LINCOLN-MKX-BODY-SIDE-Mouldings-Moldings-Trim-CHROMED-ABS-2016-2017-/351665796103?hash=item51e0ea3407 Attached is a pic
  5. mtmtmt

    Does anyone finds the park assist to be lousy?

    I have used it many times and it has worked 100% of the time. I use parallel parking 9 out of 10 times, but use perpendicular parking sometimes. I have never used the function to get out of a parking space, but I'll give that a try too.
  6. mtmtmt

    Running Boards

    Check your link - Instead of going to ROMIK.COM, it points to ROMICK.COM
  7. mtmtmt

    Amateur Radio mounts for the MKX

    Looks good - I haven't done anything yet, but hope to. Mark KC3FCJ
  8. mtmtmt

    Wife's Happy w/ 2016 MKX But Wants Roof Rack Rails

    Jeff, Here is a FordParts site that sells the roof rails for the 2016 MKX.. There is a separate listing for right and left sides. Also, it breaks it down further to builds before and after 10-15-2015. Bad news is they are $501.47 for builds before 10-14 and $560.88 for builds after 10-15. Double that for both sides. Then add in labor - which looks like it would involve removing the interior roof to mount screws to hold down the rails. http://www.fordparts.com/Commerce/CatalogResults.aspx?y=2016&m=Lincoln&mo=MKX&initSearch=1&keyword=roof%20rack#
  9. mtmtmt

    Navigation Display

    I have Sync3 and have blue lakes. Is this a Sync limitation that you are encountering?
  10. mtmtmt

    Battery Issues?

    I have no idea what I did. I was playing around with the buttons this morning, but can't figure out what the cause of my battery problem was (or is).
  11. mtmtmt

    Battery Issues?

    I've had my MKX for nearly four months and the battery has worked trouble-free. I want to correct my previous assumption that the battery is bad. I originally reported that my battery went dead in the first week, but now I'm convinced it was due to operator error. In that first week, I was trying out and playing with all the buttons and switches. I think I left the inside light(s) on. I think the MKX was "chiming" when I exited the vehicle, but I didn't recongnize it. When I went to use the car several days later, it was dead. The monitor I had on the voltage was from the OBDII interface and that voltage is somewhat lower than the voltage taken at the battery terminals, which has been 14.2-14.4 volts.
  12. mtmtmt

    Would you purchase another MKX

    Would I purchase another one? Maybe. Although this is the most technologically advanced car I have ever owned, who knows what else will be available in 3-4 years. The Lincoln brand is not a deciding factor for me. I'm quite pleased with this vehicle and am glad I bought it. Would I recommend this to someone else? At this point in time, I would absolutely recommend this vehicle to someone else. In fact, I have and one of my friends got theirs from the same dealer.
  13. mtmtmt

    Battery Issues?

    During the first week of new ownership, my battery was dead too. I took it in to the Lincoln dealer and they said the battery checks out fine. I have been tracking the voltage twice a day since (as they requested) and it is a little low. I took it to my mechanic and he said the battery could be bad or one of the CPU's is putting a drain on it. He couldn't tell more without keeping it for a couple days. I imagine I will replace the battery if this happens again, as that is a quicker fix than trying to locate a source of drain.
  14. mtmtmt

    For Anyone Contemplating Lincoln Mudflaps

    Pics added to original posting
  15. mtmtmt

    For Anyone Contemplating Lincoln Mudflaps

    While I had them on my Ebay watch list for some weeks, Ebay emailed me a new discount code every 2-3 weeks. The one I used was 20 off 100. If I get out today, I'll post pics.