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  1. Is it baby reminder ie you open the back door on the way in don't do it on the way out it reminds you?
  2. thisguy159

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Us Android auto to change stations and no satellite reception in the forest /buildings where otherwise cell reception is...we can keep going in circles or argue about things that 99% of people will not experience 99% of times
  3. thisguy159

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Pay extra 15 dollars on your phone bill cancel Sirius stream everything including music and move on.
  4. thisguy159

    Poor sound quality from Satellite Radio

    Can somebody move this to the Sirius forum. Ty
  5. I had two separate ears confirm that the sounds systems is pretty fantastic. I do acknowledge your might be broken or you listen to satellite radio and expect cd quality
  6. thisguy159

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    Whoops sorry I totally misread that in that case nothing applink related works for me
  7. thisguy159

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    No when we plug into the phone it starts carplay on the cars infotainment screen. The on the car screen I go to apps and select the app I want which can be apple maps Google maps or Waze.
  8. thisguy159

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    Doesn't happen with my wife's iPhone 7
  9. thisguy159

    Update to Android Auto with Sync3

    That is absolutely not the case if it's not showing its something to do with your phone. Waze like before is supported. That may be a work around but not the norm. You may want to clear cache and storage on Waze and or Android auto ...also may want to tray to clear cache in Google play services.
  10. thisguy159

    21" Wheels

    What are you doing with the old wheels?
  11. thisguy159

    What is deep sleep mode?

    And when does it activate
  12. thisguy159

    Nautilus headlight/wiper stalks

    So now they still feel cheap but look nice.
  13. thisguy159

    Short Drivers side floor mats

    3d max are a real nice find ty. I will say this about the Lincoln ones and why I like them...I can throw them in the washer and they come out nice and clean so much easier and better then steam cleaning.
  14. Hi, I'm brand new to Lincoln and am in the process of buying a MKX now. I have an option of getting the upgraded 13 speaker stereo or getting the 2.7 engine depending which model I choose but my budget allows for one or the other, I'm just not sure which one I should pick. I am very excited about the car and the fact that my model 2016 will come with Sync 3 (even better today I learned that Android Auto is coming to all Sync 3 units!). That said I have found NO reviews of the 3.7, I would probably not hesitate on the engine if the trans wasn't ummmm...old and a 6 speed, however being that the vehicle is heavy (AWD) I don't expect performance to be great. Can somebody tell me a little about the 3.7 AWD performance like what is the 0-60 at the very least. Also i know this model is new for 2016 but I'm towards the end (I think) of the production cycle and I would expect the 2017 to start showing up around April/May, do I have that correct? Whatever that time frame ends up being does anybody know anything about the 2017 MKX, I would be shocked if the updated the front end to the new Lincoln grill which inevitably will happen 2-4 years from now. Also I assume that the 2017 will retain the 6 speed as the MKZ will also have the 6 speed in 2017. Thanks for any info and feedback.
  15. thisguy159

    Alex on Autos Nautilus review

    The other thing is I think when he reviewed the mkx (it's been a while since I watched that video) I believe he mentioned how quiet it was. N supposed to be better in that area then MKX but he wasn't that impressed with it. Would have liked some comparis mention.
  16. thisguy159

    Alex on Autos Nautilus review

    Eh I found it actually annoying a bit. He had is in comfort and effectively reviewed it as such comparing it to other brands as more floaty. The whole point of the suspension is to adjust it.
  17. thisguy159

    What are these?

    Negative my 16 has them.
  18. thisguy159

    What made you decide on Nautilus vs. Edge

    There shall be no agreement this is a forum and everybody is stupid...except me
  19. thisguy159

    What made you decide on Nautilus vs. Edge

    Right they don't feel anything alike to you yet are very similar however like the mkx and edge are completely different on the outside and inside...I could throw in the Honda Odyssey into that equation as well. X1 and mini are based on the same platform.
  20. thisguy159

    What made you decide on Nautilus vs. Edge

    Though walkabout has some valid points you are completely wrong overall. Pilot and mdx would fall into the same badge engineering if your argument stands so would mini and BMW and Lexus es and camery cyanne and tourag so on and so on. RR built on 7 series. Maserati and Jeep so on and so on.
  21. thisguy159

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    I have no issue with heating just cooling ... luckily I found a workaround but still.
  22. I turned it off you all can do the same have 2016 sync 3
  23. thisguy159

    Off Topic for the older guys

    So in this forum older guys = 70?
  24. thisguy159

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    Speaking of seats wonder if the fixed the cooling issue with the seats because that have sucked always. Just drove expedition and gmc Acadia they have wonderful cooling especially gmc.