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  1. Anyone out there know what changes the 2020 Nautilus will have, and if any color changes ?

    2020 Naautulis

    Loving it so far, and friends are amazed with the Nautilus.

    2020 Naautulis

    I got the Reserve with AWD, 2.7 twin turbo, Iced Mocha, Class II trailer towing package, Driver Assistance Package, Technology Package, Ultimate Package, 21-Inch Premium-Painted Ultra-Bright Machined-Aluminum Wheels , All-weather floor liners, Cargo Compartment with reversible mat. ultra comfort seats with active motion, Revel Ultima Audio, Adaptive cruise, satin roof rack side rails, . MSRP was well over $65k , I got my Ford employee discount which I cannot disclose. Had my '12 & '16 MKS's which were loaded out and sweet, but this Nautilus is AMAZING !

    2020 Naautulis

    Decided to order a Reserve model with just about every option. Decided on Iced Mocha with Parchment & coffee. Loving the car !
  5. Does anyone know if a stainless steel rear bumper protector is available anywhere? I want something that covers the edge of the bumper. The factory option does not go to the end, and it I just thin piece of rubber.

    For Anyone Contemplating Lincoln Mudflaps

    Looks great !

    New member - saleksander

    If you are serious, I can talk to my boss at work. I work part time at a Ford/Lincoln dealership in New Jersey (USA). I currently have a 2016 MKX, and am very happy with it. Both my grandparents came from Poland. You can e-mail me @ JOEHIO1950@VERIZON.NET Joe Gola


    Currently have a '16 MKX Reserve. Am considering a '19 or wait until the 2020. I want a Cd player (yes, old school). I heard that they might discontinue this by the 2020 model year. Anyone have any info on this ?

    2020 Naautulis

    I presently have a '16 in the color Luxe, which mirrors my wife's '15 MKS, which she won't give up. Would love to see that color return.
  10. JOEHIO

    New to Lincoln - what color?

    Go with the blue diamond, really sweet. I love the shale interior. I have a '16 with the Luxe interior. Not too many out there in Luxe, that's why I like it.
  11. I've used many waxes over the years (an I mean a long time), and the best wax for durability is Duragloss 845 Insulator wax. I have not found it at regular auto stores, only specialty shops, or you can google it and order online. Use SPARINGLY, and I mean sparingly, and you will get a good 9 months or more of water beading. Google the product to find out about it's origin. Before waxing, I used Malco Tru-Polish, on my Silver Ingot, looks amazing - a wet look that is unreal for a light colored car !
  12. Does anyone know of any rear bumper protector that is made of stainless steel, or even a chrome finish. I'd like to put one on my '16 MKX that IS NOT made of the typical black plastic/rubber that Lincoln offers. My nephews in-law have a new Toyota Pathfinder with a stainless one, looks a lot nicer than the cheap plastic kind. One would think that a nicer one would be offered for a high end vehicle.
  13. JOEHIO

    Damaged Wheel(s)

    Richy, keep us updated on this.
  14. I have a '16 Reserve with every option, and LOVE THEM ALL. AWD, Adaptive cruise, Revel ultimate, 2.7 litre, driver assist, 20" wheels, massaging 22 position seats, AAdaptive steering, has it all. COLOUR is Luxe with parchment interior. It was in stock, and even has the trailer tow package. Wasn't cheap, but ya can't take it with you.
  15. Recently discovered that when I remote start my MKX, the heated seats & steering wheel do not go on, even when 20 degree's. I spoke to the tech at the dealership, he said that if it is too warm, the function will not work, so I left the car outside, and the next morning, I remote started the car, and the wheel and seats did not heat up. Settings are set to 'Auto', and seats and wheel were on when I shut the car off the night before. Anyone else experience this problem ?
  16. Richy, I believe that they only come on if they were previously on when the car is shut down, I'll have to check this out. I'm now a swap driver at our dealership, this p/t job is turning into a 30-40 hr week, and the PLUS is if I want a new Ford or Lincoln, I get at dealer cost. Guess I'll keep this job until I quit driving.
  17. Changed remote settings to last setting and all works fine !
  18. CCD and adaptive steering are awesome. Adaptive steering a first, felt strange, now I luv it. So precise.
  19. Hi CARR142, I'm also in Jersey, Union County, near Westfield. I am not happy that the dealer said all is okay, when it is not. Not acceptable for a car that stickered at $63+ K ! I will keep posting updates. Ready for the lemon law.
  20. Both settings are set to Auto mode, and duration is 15 minutes.
  21. Outside temp was about 26 degree's. I kept it outside tht night, knowing that if it was in the garage (temp about 45) it would not work.
  22. JOEHIO

    Oil Leak?

    I just had mine in 2 weeks ago for the oil pan leak. They replaced the gasket and also put in a NEW oil pan. So far, all okay, but it's only a few weeks. If anything developes, I'll post immediastely.
  23. I got a '16 MKX with the 2,7 Ecoboost a month ago, love it so much. I have a question - the engine cover on mine (the big plastic thing) say's 'LINCOLN' on it, yet all video's I see on youtube show the word ECOBOOST on it instead of Lincoln. Is this a manufacturing change, or did they screw up on mine? Thanks in advance for your help. Want some input before I go to the dealer. Joe
  24. JOEHIO

    21" Wheels - Clear Coat Flaking Off

    Are these the ones that have black paint and kidf of look like Starfish ? ( My wife's description)