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  1. Glad you are getting it fixed. They should have known there was a TSB the first time rather than give you the "We can't duplicate it" excuse.
  2. I just had mine replaced a week ago on my 2013 CPO MKX under warranty. There is no comparison between any Toyota and the MKX.
  3. ol' yeller

    Shifter issue 2012 MKX

    I had the same "shift to park" warning on our new to us 2013 CPO MKX. After reading on the Edge Forum that the the shifter needed to be replaced because of a defective integral switch, I took mine to the dealer. They found the TSB and replaced my shifter. As ours was still under warranty, there was no charge and no hassles.
  4. ol' yeller

    RearView Camera

    Hopefully you are still checking here for an answer. We just bought a used CPO 2013 MKX which also did not have the back-up camera. As my wife was very disappointed with that, I had the dealer add and install the original factory camera setup. It is on order and hopefully in a few days they will be calling to bring it in. It uses all OEM factory equipment and displays on the touch screen. My car does NOT have Nav either. The cost was just under $1,000 installed.
  5. ol' yeller

    Full Synthetic Motor oil

    It is my understanding that there is an alert that reminds one to change the oil. It appears that there are more factors than just mileage that it uses to determine when to alert. But as a disclaimer, I have only had our 2013 MKX for 2 days now and I am still trying to figure out how to turn the radio on.
  6. ol' yeller

    Full Synthetic Motor oil

    Actually I buy my Motorcraft oil and Motorcraft oil filters at WalMart. They have the best price for them around here. Been using them for years in several Fords including my RV. Never had an issue as long as I stayed with the Motorcraft brand.