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  1. Bad tone

    Guage Settings

    Are you switching to trip1 by toggling the steering wheel switch? If so, it should stay when you restart.
  2. Bad tone

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    I'm curious as well, it hasn't been cool enough to use A/C. My fingers are crossed...
  3. Bad tone

    Photos of Dash Options

    Here's a couple I posted a while back; there are only three options, tach+speedo, speedo only, speedo only with eco indication. Those are the gauge options. I use tach+speedo, and the central area is the multi-function indicator. Using the right side steering wheel toggle switch you can easily scroll through tire pressure, trip comps, power distribution (if AWD), etc. It's not very configurable, but it's really easy to get a lot of info from, which is the primary purpose, so I'm very happy with it.
  4. Congratulations! I did the same a while back and am very happy with the Nautilus over my 2016 MKX - which I enjoyed as well. Happy motoring!
  5. Bad tone

    New Start/Stop feature

    With the 8 speed there is no lockout in S, if configured to normal. I’ve tried many variations and results are the same. If you have AWD and set S to “normal” it will use all 8 gears, ~40 mph per 1000 revs in high. If S was set to “sport” , maybe so, haven’t tried that....
  6. Bad tone

    Nautilus recall on steering software

    I’m guessing I’m affected by this, though since I keep my hands on the wheel always it doesn’t look like I’m at risk for anything. Thanks for posting this ?
  7. Bad tone

    New Start/Stop feature

    I was skeptical about it at first, and found a way to easily remedy it, but in actuality it doesn't bother me if its on. While my road selection is S, so its off, I have actually turned it on when in traffic, etc., to save a little fuel. At least on the Nautilus, it's really seamless; you hardly notice anything but the quiet...
  8. Bad tone

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    I did the reverse; had a 2016 with the 22 ways and it was acceptable but I didn't really like them. So I ordered my Nautilus with the standard seats and am much happier. That was good of the dealer to allow you to reorder anaother. If the standard seats had the bottom extension adjustment they would be perfect for me.
  9. Bad tone

    Lincoln Website

    The brochure is now available online for download.
  10. Bad tone

    Transmission Clunking

    That’s great; mine has only done it a couple of times so it’s not very repeatable. I’ll be curious to see what you learn.
  11. Bad tone

    Transmission Clunking

  12. Bad tone

    Transmission Clunking

    I have indeed experienced that same phenomena, but only twice, and not in the last couple of weeks. I'm curious about it as well.
  13. Bad tone

    MKX/Nautilus back to sales leader

    The interior is basically the same as the 16-18 models, the only thing I’ve noticed is the steering wheel switches and turn signal/wiper stalks, which aren’t really styling cues. The center stack always struck me as pretty plain looking, but ergonomically it’s the best I’ve had. The controls are within very easy reach and the cubbyholes underneath are quite handy. It’s a very comfortable interior, and the NVH suppression is better on the Nautilus. Add that sweet 2.7 and it’s a worthy vehicle, IMHO
  14. Mine doesn’t chirp either, but that’s my preference so I haven’t investigated getting it to chirp.