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    Welcome to the MKX Forum
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    Welcome to the MKX Forum!
  3. 2017 Lincoln MKX Production Information 2016 Lincoln MKX Final Orders Due: 07-26-16 2017 Lincoln MKX Order Banks Open: 08-05-16 2017 Lincoln MKX Production Scheduling Begins: 09-22-16 2017 Lincoln MKX JOB1 Production Begins: 10-24-16
  4. 2017 Lincoln Continental Order Banks Open! We are pleased to announce your Lincoln Dealer is now accepting orders for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. A luxurious journey awaits you. Accompanying the arrival of our most iconic vehicle is door-to-door pick up and delivery service.* We’ll pick up your Continental when it’s time for routine service and deliver it back to you freshly washed when we’re finished. We’ll even provide you a Lincoln to use while we have yours. It’s just one of the many amenities you’ll enjoy with ownership. To learn more about Continental or for assistance locating a Lincoln Dealer, call your Lincoln Concierge at 1.800.521.4140. Visit your Lincoln Dealer today to order your 2017 Lincoln Continental. Be one of the first 1,500 to place an order and receive a limited-edition, framed rendering of Continental.** This exceptional gift is numbered and has also been signed by Lincoln Design Director David Woodhouse. Click here to locate your Lincoln Dealer More at the Lincoln Continental Forum here
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  6. Sounds sweet. Post up some photos when it comes in and take a trip with your new MKX!
  7. Welcome to the Lincoln MKX Forum
  8. Welcome to the Lincoln MKX Forum
  9. Which is why Telsa wants to go another route and control everything 100%. Let's face it, Telsa is following Apple's lead in totally controlling their ecosystem 100%. Say what you will about Apple, but I've owned about 12 since 1985 and I still have all but two and they all still work. I'm betting that Apple will follow Tesla into opting to sell direct to customers too. Ford does get blamed for a lot of issues that dealers cause - although, let's be clear that there are a lot of good dealers out there. Quite frankly, I am surprised that SYNC3 is having issues because it was supposed to be leaps and bounds better than 2, etc. It's still early and they will get it sorted out. I wish SYNC3 would have been Apple all the way.
  10. Robert

    First oil change.

    Excellent detailed tutorial! Today's engines used far superior technology as far as metals go that wear and tear isn't as much of a big issue as it was even 10 years ago. Same for the lubricants.
  11. Robert

    Water from door speaker grill

    This is a little embarrassing for Lincoln quality control on such a new product It's good to post it though to better improve the breed.
  12. Robert

    Welcome To Lincoln MKX Forum: Lorac

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKX Forum!
  13. Welcome to the Lincoln MKX Forum!
  14. Welcome to the Lincoln MKX Forum!
  15. 2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color What do you think of this color on the 2017 Lincoln Continental? click image to enlarge More @ Lincoln Continental.org