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  1. Adam

    2021 Nautilus

    Very nice, 911! As I recall you and I were early ‘16 MKX owners. I’ve had my (extremely delayed) FULLY loaded Aviator for nearly a year and and utterly pissed about what a rattletrap it is at less than 5,000 miles. Nice power train but that’s it! Leaning towards a fully loaded GLE 450 at this point to be ordered in early 2021. Maybe GLE AMG 53 or X5 V8. X3 M40 is awesome, just a little too small for my body size!
  2. Adam

    2021 Nautilus

    I was very surprised at the fully loaded $85K CAD price tag on the GV80, although I am intrigued by it. Thought Genesis would be the ‘value’ proposition! I’ve had my Aviator (fully loaded $88K) since January (ordered last June!!) and while I have less than 2,000 km on it, I am thoroughly unimpressed Lincoln can’t screw a car together any better than that. Lease after lease I keep hoping for improvement and still keep coming away disappointed. Powertrain-wise, however, it’s amazing! And the air suspension with road preview, wow! We are living in interesting automotive times!
  3. Adam

    Using FORScan to 'tweak' the X

    Yeah, the launch has been a fiasco - there’s been plenty of press coverage of the issues they have had since they started building Explorers and Aviators. Apparently newer orders are heading directly to dealers but thousands are still stuck on factory lots waiting for transport. I’ve been offered certain compensation from the Lincoln zone rep but none of that matters if they never ship the vehicle. I’m not sure I’ll take it if it does show up soon anyway. It had better be FLAWLESS. and yes, I recall the botched 2nd gen MKX launch. I was lucky enough to get an early build 2016 back in the summer of 2015 but I recall the situation others encountered. trust all is well with your X, Cosmos.
  4. Adam

    Using FORScan to 'tweak' the X

    I don’t think we ever achieved enough interest in our group to pursue a more formal info sharing process, like developing spreadsheets, tutorials and such. In full disclosure, I must add that I am no longer part of the MKX club; in fact my dealer came and picked it up from my home this week as Lincoln Financial wanted it back! You see, I have been keen on getting a 2020 Aviator since I saw the concept. I placed my order in late June for a fully loaded one in the same colour scheme as my 2016 X and it was built around mid-September but it was never released from the factory and there is no ETA. Lincoln financial gave me a free lease extension as they are aware of the significant delays in delivery of Aviators but eventually even they got tired of waiting. I still have my 2011 MKZ (c/w over 350,000 km) however, so you could say that I’m slumming it these days!
  5. What octane fuel are you using?
  6. Adam

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    You know, for whatever reason I have zero interest in owning anything from Acura, Lexus or Infiniti. Can’t explain it. A colleague has has a new RDX and I’d say it’s a worthy competitor in its space.
  7. Adam

    22 Way Ultra Seat Design

    I find that sometimes I don’t sit ‘right’ in the 22-ways. I’m tall and have a wide frame. Definitely prefer the seats in my old MKZ commuter. I don’t think I could spend 15 hours a week on the highway in my MKX. I am looking at the replacement for my X and have been patiently waiting to sit in an Aviator. It’s a heck of a good value compared with the X5 I am shopping it against. I’m not the biggest fan of some of the elements of the next gen GLE either. Audi Q8 is out with its fake exhaust. X3 is just too small - I don’t fit well in it. Volvo is out due to the engines. I’m not really interested in anything else. Decisions, decisions.
  8. Speed readout in the central display or within the analog speedo?
  9. Adam

    What are these?

    Easy mystery to solve... check your build info, gents.
  10. Adam

    What are these?

    So why does mine not have them? I ordered mine with every option except the trailer receiver, roof rails and enhanced security package. I believe we’ve been through this before and they are interior motion sensors.
  11. Adam

    What are these?

    Hey are for the enhanced security package feature that senses movement within the cabin, I believe.
  12. I believe there is a graphic like that available for the Aviator on the US Lincoln site. My dealer still doesn’t have substantive information on the Aviator but I’m chomping at the bit to get one ordered.
  13. Yeah, I just need something different this time around, having had two 2016 MKXs. I don’t need a 3-row suv either.
  14. Wow the Aviator is a thing of beauty. It has real presence. New GLE is quite nice as well. For me, X3 and GLC is too small. Q8 is something I just couldn’t be seen driving - looks too awkward. Grand Cherokee is in desperate need of a redesign. I’m pretty stoked to drive the Aviator. It’ll probably be a bargain compared to the others as well. Good times we live in!!
  15. Hey Shoe, I’m going on Friday - is there an Aviator on open display? My lease is up later this year and I’m looking to ‘reward’ myself after a bit of a tough year. Plan on taking a critical look at Aviator, X3M, X5 V8, new GLE, Cayenne S, Grand Cherokee SRT, and Q8. I’ve been loyal to Lincoln, but with a $90- to $100,000 budget, my expectations are understandably high. I’m not sure Lincoln can pull it off!