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  1. Rick65inlosangeles

    Transmission shift between 2nd and 3rd

    Steve, do you mine me asking what the last five digits of your VIN are? Mine ends in 50392 and was built on June 18th and delivered on July 5th. Current mileage is 4500 and I've experienced a few skip shifts and several harsh shifts but no slipping so far. Thanks in advance.
  2. Rick65inlosangeles

    Exhaust fumes in Nautilus

    When under heavy acceleration (NOT FLOORED) merging into highway traffic or passing another vehicle. The interior of my NEW Nautilus fills with the rotten egg smell of exhaust. This is the exact same problem I had with my ’16 MKX and even after the dealer preformed the recommended procedures in Technical Service Bulletin 18-2057 which supersedes TSB 17-0035 the problem was less but was still present. This is one of the reasons, plus a few more that I got rid of the MKX and ordered a new Nautilus. NOW I find out that I spent $63,000 for a vehicle with the same problem. When in the hell is Ford/Lincoln going to get their shit together. Yes I know. I posted this same message on Blue Oval. I want as much visibility of this problem so maybe someone at Lincoln will get their head out of their ass and pay attention to their customers.
  3. Rick65inlosangeles

    First road trip observations

    I found it amazing the differences between my 2016 MKX Reserve and my NEW 2019 Nautilus Reserve. It’s really hard to believe these two are actually related. The nineteen is everything that the sixteen should have been. Quiet, Nice Ride, Tons of power. I waited eighteen weeks for mine to be built, which really pissed me off. But after one day in the Nautilus, it was worth it. The full LED headlights with the cornering lights are really neat. If anyone was wondering the cornering light works as follows, In reverse the both go on. When moving forward they work when your under 25 miles per hour. AND, yes they do throw a live beam of light to the side of the vehicle.
  4. Rick65inlosangeles

    What are these?

    According to the 2016 MKX WIring diagram manual. Those are microphones connected to the "Bluetooth/Multimedia Gateway Module # Microphone Phone/Voice Control"
  5. Rick65inlosangeles

    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    I have an account at Blue Oval, but unfortunately I can’t post because the rules required “You must have made fifteen good posts on this site before you can post here”. Guess I out of luck then.
  6. Rick65inlosangeles

    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    My first MKX was a 2010, I ordered it and it took seven weeks before it arrived at the dealer. The vehicle was totaled in an accident in April 2015. At that time the order bank had just opened on the ‘16’s. The dealer had no information on the ’16 other then what was on their computer screens. I order one since I was now driving my backup Lincoln, an ’86 Mark VII, I had originally purchased in July of 1986. With the ’16 the order was placed April 20th, the vehicle was built in July 23rd and I took delivery Sept 10th. I could accept the delay because the vehicle weren’t even in production until eight or nine weeks after I placed my order. So the total time was 19 weeks. Now were dealing with a vehicle that been in production for months, guess you could say it’s in its mid-year cycle. SO the ’19 was ordered March 7th, it took five weeks before the VIN was assigned. According to the production week scheduling information posted by ice-capades over on Blue Oval, vehicles scheduled for the week of April 8, the Nautilus would be scheduled for production the week of June 3rd. If I’m lucky and the vehicle is produced that week, AND if there’s an available railcar is heading west, then the car should be at the dealer by the week of June 23rd. We all know that we don’t live in a perfect world and it seems that everything is getting screwed up these days. So there a good chance that you’re right and the vehicle will be here in July. At that point it would be 16 weeks from order to delivery. ANY longer than that then I’ll just walk away as the vehicle will then be an end of year production model and will depreciate sooner. Plus the longer it takes the less my ’16 is worth as a trade.
  7. Rick65inlosangeles

    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    Received the VIN today 2LMPJ6LP3KBL50392 Have a feeling it won't be built until the first week of June.
  8. Rick65inlosangeles

    Transmission shift between 2nd and 3rd

    Before I ordered my Nautilus I test drove one with the 2.0 EB. I found that the 4 cylinder seemed too buzzy and the transmission always seemed to be hunter for a gear. The following week I test drove another one with the 2.7EB and found it much smoother and the trans always hit the right gear.
  9. Rick65inlosangeles

    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    300A = Nautilus Reserve J6L = Front Wheel Drive 99P/44F = Twin Turbocharges 2.7 V6 87D = Driver Assistance Package 53U = Ultimate Package 68R = Satin Roof Side Rails without Crossbars 91Q = Ultra Comfort (22 Way) Seating with Active Motion Power Thigh Support R3 = Burgundy Velvet Metallic Tinted Clearcoat Paint BD = Express Ash Swirl – Open pore 153 = Front License Bracket 43C = Cargo Accessories and Mat Package 51U = Cargo Utility Package
  10. Rick65inlosangeles

    Ordered today a Nautilus Reserve

    Ordered Nautilus reserve on 3/8/19. 300A,J6L,99P/44F.51U,87D,53U,68R,91Q,R3,BD,153,43C
  11. Rick65inlosangeles

    Setting for "Unfold Mirrors"

    Maybe he didn't scroll down to select it. Settings: Easy Entry/Exit ▼ Auto Engine Off ▼ Lighting ▼ Locks ▼ Mirrors ▼ Oil Life ▼ Power Liftgate ▼ Remote Start ▼ Windows ▼ Wipers ▼
  12. Rick65inlosangeles

    Setting for "Unfold Mirrors"

    AND, what option is that? I have a 2016 MKX Reserve and it's in the left hand menu under setting/vehicle/mirrors. Page 119 of the owners manual.
  13. Rick65inlosangeles

    Setting for "Unfold Mirrors"

    Setting ► Vehicle▼ Mirrors► Autofold. press "OK" to unselect.
  14. Rick65inlosangeles

    Transmission Performance Questions & Concern

    Cadpaf, Sound like your Lincoln dealer sucks. When the service manager tells you “it’s normal” it’s total bullshit. You spend fifty+ thousands of dollars and you get this treatment. Completely unbelievable for a company that is trying to reinvent itself. I would suggest another dealer if you have one in the area. My problem was relative minor from what your experiencing. As I said in an earlier post mine was having a clunk between second and third . I told the dealer about it (Star Lincoln in Glendale, CA) when they drove the vehicle everything was fine and no codes. The Lincoln service writer (and she only represents Lincoln vehicles) called and said they tech didn’t find any codes and the transmission seem to shift just fine. “Could you please stop by and drive the vehicle with the tech” The thing is they were driving the vehicle too fast and it shifted just fine. Within the first block of leaving the dealer the trans clunked and then another two block and another clink. He heard it and felt it. Left the vehicle and went home with the Lincoln MKX loaner. Next day mine was ready. According to the service invoice: “CUSTOMER STATES in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway the two/three shirt is REALLY harsh. PLEASE CHECK AND ADVISE. Test drove vehicle with customer, was able to duplicate concern intermittently. Happens once in awhile. Explained to customer about driving habits. Reprogramed pcm and cleared adaptive strategies. Customer must drive vehicle for at least 700 miles to relearn driver habits”. This was done back in April ’18 and since that time everything is shifting just fine.
  15. Rick65inlosangeles

    New Start/Stop feature

    From what I've been told, The NEW Nautilus will be coming with the new Stop/Start feature. The manufactures needed something new so they could meet their CAFÉ requirements. This is also the reason that were seeing more and more four cylinder engines as standard on vehicles that should have a six. Besides in the coming years of wearing out a lot of batteries and starters, I think this is going to be a BIG problem for the repair market. More profits for them to the detriment of the vehicle owners pocket book. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t like this feature. I’ve been told there’s a button on the dash that you push to defeat the feature. BUT, you’ll need to push the button every time you start the vehicle. At some point that’s going to become a BIG pain in the ASS. I’ve also been told that when you come to a stop, if you just release a little pressure on the brake pedal that the system will think you about to release the brake pedal and won’t turn off the engine. This reminds me of the seat belt starter interlock that the manufactures installed on 1974 vehicles. That didn’t last long. But this is something that’s around to stay, at least until we have more electric vehicles from the major manufactures. Question is, what will be the workaround to permanently defect the feature?