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  1. QikNip

    Help! Inoperative rear hatch

    The rear hatch on my 2018 stopped working while we were here in Florida. None of the three modes (dash button, key fob or rear foot camera) works. The Sebring FL Lincoln dealer checked the fuses and tried re-programing the deck controller module with no luck. Most frustrating (and disconcerting) is that they were unable to manually open the latch. They even called Ford technical assistance for help but after two days still had no feedback. I have the car back (with most of the lid's plastic panels removed) so we can drive home to Kentucky where I'll take it to our dealer, but I'm worried that a flat tire could create a bigger problem since I can't access the jack or spare. Sooo, does anyone have a specific recommendation how to manually release the deck? BTW I've Googled and Youtubed it extensively and so far only found how to open a manual latch on a 2016 model. Rick