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  1. Macker

    Power transfer unit went bad

    Did the PTU fluid drain and re-fill myself for the 1st time this summer after listening to a former Ford service tech show ruined PTU's with terrible gunky fluid build up (search YouTube). I used a large automotive syringe with some plastic flexible hosing and snaked it thru the fill hole (2013's don't have the drain plug that Ford added in later model yrs.). The fluid in mine didn't look that bad (just over 60K miles when I did the change). I re-filled the PTU using the Ford synthetic fluid that's recommended. I'll probably check it again in another 30K miles and change if necessary. Cheap insurance. PS> I'm fortunate enough to have access to a hoist which makes this a much easier job.
  2. Macker

    Power transfer unit went bad

    The Motorcraft fluid is fine if it's changed every 30K. Redline makes a good product and will work as well. Personally, I like to stick with the Mfg. fluids, unless I'm planning to drive the vehicle outside the parameters it was designed for. So far, no issues for me.
  3. Good job finding the culprit. Cleaning the caliper and reinstalling new clip h/w, as well as greasing the ears of the pads/clips is a must in order for the outer pads to slide freely and get pulled into the rotor when the brake is applied. What brake pad/clip mfg. did you use? Motorcraft?
  4. I own a 2013 MKX with just over 116,000 Kms., purchased in summer of 2014. Has been an excellent vehicle so far. I've regularly changed all fluids and filters (except power steering) including the AWD transaxle fluid....aka PTU. Other work I've performed: 1. Replaced drivers side AC/Heat module (car would continually only blow cold air). Not a fun job as it's tight under the drivers side door well. 2. Some corrosion repairs done by Lincoln dealer (replaced hood, right rear passenger door jam near top (minor) and rear hatch (minor). Subsequently have had Krown Rust control applied every 2 yrs....and no further issues. 3. Upgraded front brakes with Power Stop slotted and drilled rotors and ceramic pads. Excellent upgrade over stock! Pic below. Will do rears soon. 4. Replaced both outer tie rod ends. I plan to hold onto this vehicle, and hope to help, and be helped in this forum. 👍 This past summer, I detailed the engine bay for the 1st time since I owned the vehicle. Really impressed at how well it turned out. Here's a before and after: