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  1. fareastbob

    Electronics Lock Up

    This will seem like a dumb question, but what is the power button? If you're referring to the button I use to start/stop the vehicle, how can I do that while travelling down a highway? Not trying to be difficult and I appreciate your help and response. Thanks.
  2. fareastbob

    Electronics Lock Up

    I own a 2022 Nautilus. I've had some issues with the electronics seeming to lock up or getting confused. I've had an issue with voice commands, getting to the voice screen, and then locking up. It would not take a voice command but would not let me exit out of that screen also. A second issue is with volume controls. I have been in a highway using the map software and I make or receive a phone call. The volume was too low for me to hear and when I attempted to turn up the volume using the control on the steering wheel, I turned up the prompt volume and not the phone volume. I would think it would change the volume for whatever feature is front and center on the screen. Anyone else have these problems?