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  1. @Haz also for better reference as to what i ordered. The part i have is CM5Z9D290B
  2. @Haz I can't add nay more images but on the solenoid side is where the oil is, above and below that location but not on any pulleys. Right side of oil pan is wet (solenoid side) left side is quite a bit more dry
  3. @Haz so i went under the car and im sure i got the wrong part, although they said it was for my year make and model idk where it goes. Ill post some photos, maybe you can give me insight if its the pan or the solenoid? Its dripping dirrectly under the oil filter, but i double checked and its on there good and properly. Is the solenoid known to cause leaks? Can oil also be prssent above the solenoid from the wind and what not. I dont have a skid plate. Also note i did wipe the solenoid
  4. @Haz on all parts sites its listed as oil pressure sending unit. I even called a lincoln dealer and spoke to parts and it's all the same thing I guess they just have multiple names for it. So I was definitely looking in the right spot then. Mine is just slightly different than the one in the manual you showed me instead of it having a 90 degree angle to plug the sensor it's just completely straight. I'm tired of working on cars lol. Another question. Do I need to drain oil when replacing this
  5. Hey all, I've owned my mkx for over a year now. I already know the issue in regards to the oil pan/sensor leaks. Sadly I have gotten to that point, I'm replacing the sensor because the drops are coming from that side, not the pan. Where is the location of the sensor? Facing the car I'm assuming it's to your left, and I'm sure I found it I just want to re confirm that the location is on the lower area of the engine? That part is covered in oil and everything below it Is as well so that is my best assumption. Car only has 50k miles. Thanks!