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  1. Dave Slusarczyk

    What connects to this vacuum port?

    Thanks guys!! It was the brake booster hose! All is good!
  2. Dave Slusarczyk

    WTB OEM floormats for 2009 MKX

    Thank you!!
  3. As title states, I am looking to purchase OEM floormats for 2009 MKX. My interior carpeting looks to be Grey/silver? I am not certain of what the original color options were. If anyone has any available please reply with picture and price. Thank you! Best, Dave
  4. Dave Slusarczyk

    What connects to this vacuum port?

    I have a 2009 MKX. Vehicle runs/drives great. While replacing brake booster I found a vacuum port on intake that was "open". I have since plugged it but am curious as to what should beconnected there!! One can see it in the picture with the white plug installed. Thanks for assistance!
  5. Dave Slusarczyk

    Proud owner of a 2009 MKX

    I have owned my 2008 MKX for approximately 1.5 years. I truly enjoy the vehicle! I have owned quite a few vehicles in my 60 years and this may go down as my favorite thus far! Time will tell ! Ask me in three years and my opinion may change! :)