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  1. Michael

    2012 8mm intake bolt snapped Lincoln MKX

    Thanks so much guys you Are a very knowledgeable group and I appreciate all your input, I will be giving the punch method a go first, but I did buy a extraction set just 2 sizes, I agree if it’s not going well I will definitely call a pro at the local dealer. I noticed on you tube that many folks had same bolt snap, probably like some one stated because of high heat cause it is right above the cat.
  2. I snapped the intake bolt can someone tell me the best way to remove and extract and if you have the part number or specific spec for these bolts that would be great there are 6 and 1 long one on top all 8 mm a y help would be great getting this bolt out and what ez- out tool I should buy it’s small so that is why I’m asking for help so I don’t mess up, thanks bolt is flush with brass insert. Not perfectly flat though just trying to give all info I can. And where I can get this bolt today just want it to work doesn’t have to be OEM
  3. Ok you guys were kind enough to give me all pdf files for changing spark plugs everything went smoothly taking apart and doing plugs. the I start putting the upper intake back on and when I did the second tightening spec turn 1/4 inch after torque to 89 in pounds I snapped my last freaking bolt. its pretty much smooth on the lower brass fitting a little bumpy though, tried using a pick to catch a edge and get it out. Did not work so I stopped messing with it. I no u can drill and extract it can someone help me out with directions on how I don’t want the bit walking on me when drilling and the other end of bolt is still in the intake cause they have some type of shoulder holder so the bolts don’t fall out so I need directions on extracting the snap piece in the brass and how to get the old bolt out of intake. Here are pictures of snapped piece in brass fitting I didn’t take a pic of bolt still on intake Any help I sure do appreciate it it’s the 7 8 mm bolts that hold intake in just to be clear I’ve never extracted a bolt so please tell me exactly what to get even a pic of the tool would be great. Thanks so much in advance I’m freaking panicked right now.
  4. Michael

    2012 Lincoln MKX

    Thank you very much, I appreciate all of your support in supplying service manual for changing spark plugs in 2012 Lincoln MKX, do you have the resources to make available to me for the following; coil pack torque specs and spark plug gap and torque spec. I sincerely appreciate all your help and love this forum, as your files and time you invested into directing me to do a more than some sub- par tech which is the experience I get when I go into chain auto mechanic shops, I recently change my Cadillac converter this is why I am doing the spark plug change is in a chain mechanic shop gave me a diagnostics of a bad PTU AWD differential and quoted me 2500 Best, Mike cowen Mikepainter35@yahoo.com
  5. Michael

    2012 Lincoln MKX

    Great thanks so much very appreciated
  6. Michael

    2012 Lincoln MKX

    Hi can anyone provide a pdf file with exploded views for changing spark plugs I basically no how just would like back up info on for bolt pattern on intake and throttle body?