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  1. Ya, that makes sense. I guess I assumed it would have to be lit up for the heated seats and heat to be on but I guess that’s not necessarily true. I guess I don’t remember if, when it worked, if those lights were actually illuminated or not.
  2. I parked it out in the drive and for the last couple hours and used the remote start. I left it run for 15 minutes and went out and all the dash lights (radio/heat)were out. The defrost was on minimally. As soon as I hit the start button the lights illuminated and the temp read the current outside Temp. I tried to upload a couple pics but they failed
  3. I will pay closer attention tomorrow morning and I will park it outside tonight. I just went into the 48 degree garage and went in the car and it said 70 degrees. You may be on to something, I will let you know. Thanks
  4. Well, I have heard the older models did not have this technology. The 17 did because it worked up until this year.
  5. I have a 17 MKX and I am experiencing the similar issue of the seats and steering wheel not coming on when I use the remote start. I tried changing the settings to “last” rather than “auto” like originally posted in this thread. That didn’t work . When I get in the started vehicle after using the Lincoln app or key remote the entire dash (radio,heat settings…etc) is not illuminated. This seems to be the root of the problem because it is not powering up the ignition. Any more help out there for this issue? I already have several warranty issues the dealer “fixed” that have resurfaced so I don’t have a ton of faith in my dealer