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    Moan from Engine Compartment

    Thanks enigma-2. I thought about that and will need to talk to a tech to see what the labor cost will be. I will also ask him about the air filter gasket as I don't see one. It seems to just seat on the air filter itself.
  2. Bennie

    Moan from Engine Compartment

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. I'm at wits end. My Lincoln is noisy! I have a 2017 with the 2.7 twin turbos. Under normal acceleration I have a moan from the engine compartment that is driving me crazy. I have been to 2 dealerships and an independent tech and all have said that is normal given it is a turbo engine. It sounds like it is coming from the air box kind of like in the old days when you could flip the air cleaner lid over on a 4 bbl carb and get a nice groan when you got on it. This is similar under normal acceleration. I refuse to believe that Lincoln produced something this noisy in a luxury auto. I did find TSB 16-0138 that describes this noise perfectly: buzz, hum, or moan noise from engine compartment. The TSB instructs to replace the transmission fluid cooler tube. But that TSB is for a 2016. Anybody have this same noise? Any help would be greatly appreciated.