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  1. Within 9 months since we bought our MKX last June 2014, the rear rotors were replaced and pads were serviced last Monday (16Mar2015) due to squeaking/rattling sound when reversing the MKX. My thoughts and expectations that the MKX is a quality car is fast changing, specially with the sound issue that East Court Ford/Lincoln dealership was trying to resolve for 3 days (see my other post). Sad and frustrated MKX owner????
  2. sirteman

    Lost the Sync completely. 2011 MKX, 21,000 miles

    Since we bought our MKX last June 2014, it has intermittent issue with the audio/sound being dead (no audio/sound at all) and this could be reset by shutting off the engine and opening the driver's side door (happened about 20 times till this week). Have East Court dealership checked this last Wednesday (18Mar2015). For 3 days the car was in the dealership, sound issue was not resolved and even became worst since it is completely with no sound and could not be reset anymore. On the 1st day, the service agent advised that the MKX sound has been repaired and SYNC software was updated but unfortunately before I drove off the dealership parking lot there was no sound at all (AM, FM, Sirius XM, voice command, navigation voice prompt). Was advised to leave the MKX at the dealership and for 2 days I was not even advised of the status of what is being done on the MKX sound system and I was not provided with a loaner. I was advised on the 3rd day that the radio or infotainment unit will be replaced and a new unit was put on order with delivery in 2 weeks time. Have to take out the MKX from the dealership with completely no sound (worst scenario before bringing in the MKX for repair) until the new unit is installed. Called 1-800-392- 3672, the Lincoln Customer Service for Sync for assistance. A service agent based in Michigan guided me to verify/test sound system and hoping to resolve this sound issue. Did the master reset to manufacturer's default setting but this did not solve the issue. Verified the version of the software and was advised that it is an old version and was not updated (contrary to what the dealership have told me that the software was updated). So, I have called the dealership about the software version and the service manager has called back; advising me that Canadian version of the software is not the same with the USA version, how true is this statement??? Michigan service agent has even asked me first for the MKX VIN; so what ever she was telling me is totally based on my MKX because she was referring to the MKX VIN and not on a general version or model.
  3. sirteman

    SYNC Update

    Does anyone had the SYNC Update through a dealership here in GTA and which location??