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  1. DaveIn757

    Door actuators... wow

    Here's what is odd. Driver's door never works by keypad or fob or switches on the doors. Rear driver's side door will work sometimes, but not every time. Other rear door is sporadic also.
  2. DaveIn757

    Door actuators... wow

    Oh eow… I have zero background that would give me any confidence to do all that circuit chasing… local Lincoln dealer wants $185 just to diagnose the problem… my Ford dealer where I used to work has much better rates, but either way will have to do something. My right front door is the only one that works with the switch every time. The rear doors are hit or miss… mostly miss.
  3. My 2008...I have two doors driver's side, and sometimes the other rear door too, that doesn't lock unlock from the button. New actuator's are needed... yikes. Saw the videos online and what a massive job that is!! Anyone ever try doing this replacement job, and how did it go?
  4. DaveIn757

    Xenon OR LED?

    He is correct---this is because projector headlight assemblies disperse light from a 360 degree light source. LED's are flat with only two diodes, UNLESS you manage to find an LED that is shaped like a cylinder and has a lot more diodes on it. If you put a flat style LED in projector headlights, the beam pattern will be all wrong and it will cause blinding light to other drivers. HIDs are better for many reasons, but with projectors is the best choice because it emits light 360 degrees like a regular light bulb does.
  5. Just went through this with my 2008... bought two key blanks and they would not program at all. Had to buy another set, and got it right this time. My Keys are stamped with "SA" on the key near the head.
  6. DaveIn757

    My 2008 in Virginia

    Joined the Facebook group before finding this website... Bought a 2008 with 198,000 miles in June. Someone helped me out with getting all the records thru OASIS on my car all the way back to window sticker My car will hit 200,000 miles in the next few days. So far, just needed a coil pack, transmission flush/filter service. I did replace the windshield washer nozzles in the hood today. Other than that, runs great...gotten many compliments!! Dark Ink Blue Metallic paint.. Happy to be here!
  7. DaveIn757

    Drivers side carpet mat

    Well your car is newer so there's a better chance that car mats are out there in stock at a Lincoln dealer's parts dept somewhere. You can also try parts.ford.com. I have a 2008 and I've not been able to find any OEM mats, except used ones on Ebay...