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  1. Army Vet

    "Drive Control Malfunction, Service Required

    The final diagnosis for my MKX was the wire harness for the drive control was compromised by a little creature, probably a ground squirrel, as I do have a population of those on my property. The harness is beneath the vehicle and near each wheel and I was told that the wire harness insulation is made from a soy based material so the ground squirrel saw it as food. Typically my MKX is in the garage so it is exempt from critter chew but I had a 3 week period that my garage was being used to store some items so my car sat outside for that period of time. I hope this helps.
  2. Army Vet

    Electronics Behaving Strangely

    The car has been at the Lincoln dealership since Monday morning and no word from them yet. The car also had a recall they had to deal with on the front brake lines.
  3. Army Vet

    Electronics Behaving Strangely

    Thank you for the suggestion. It is the original battery
  4. Army Vet

    Electronics Behaving Strangely

    A few weeks after the Drive Control Malfunction error now this morning when I started the car to go to church I noticed that the Navigation Screen went from white background to black and this was in the daylight. Then I noticed that the navigation did not have the correct directional indicator. I was driving east and it said west and that continued to be incorrect during my ten minute drive to church. Attempting to go to one of the other menu items on the display screen was a failure. After leaving church the Navigation screen did reset to the white daylight background but its direction was still incorrect. Needless to say all of these issues are truly getting me disenchanted with the Lincoln brand of vehicle. Any helping hints out there?
  5. My 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve AWD with 60k miles has had this error appear at every start for the last 3 weeks. I have yet to take it to the dealer for a diagnosis as I have attempted to research this problem prior to making that appointment. I also have a recall on the car for the dealership to resolve as well so hopefully both can be resolved with the same visit. When this error appeared I immediately noticed that the ride of the car got a lot stiffer and even though it is set to comfort you cannot modify the setting from the menu. Being a senior I have the car set to comfort but it is exactly the opposite of that, I feel every bump in the road. I have read several threads that say the module had to be replaced or the struts had to be replaced. Either situation seems to be extremely premature for this vehicle and even though the roads in my area are not the best I have been able to dodge the potholes. Any advice would be appreciated on this situation and thank you.