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  1. The dealership called me to say that the break line recall part has been on back order and they will let me know when it is available. So..I guess that is why all of the models we located had carfax records that indicated still awaiting recall service. I have a 2009 Mercedes Benz ML350 - and it took MBUSA maybe a year and half to get airbags in to replace the faulty ones a few years ago. (BTW, I have owned this vehicle for over a decade and the third MB for us, and it is by far my fave vehicle. My wife drives the MKX but I am intrigued enough to be driving it now and then as well when she doesnt need it.)
  2. Yes, 2.7TT. We knew about the recall when we were test driving as none of them had the work done --at least the ones in Carmax locations that we checked. I made an appointment with our nearest dealership to have this done next week.
  3. Hello All, New to this forum. We have had Fords before when kids were younger (his and her windstars and then freestyle) but never ventured to a Lincoln. Some friends have a Lincoln sedan that we really liked, so when we were in the market for a new used SUV we bought a 2018 MKX 34,000 miles from Carmax here in Northern Virginia. I had to pay to have it transferred from a Chicago area suburb to test drive it but we liked a similar Black Label so much that we were sure we would like the MKX. We opted for lower priced reserve over Black Label. So far we love the loaded car with coffee seats. We have had Mercedes Benzes (have a ML350 now) and Audi Q series and love this more. Maybe just the new owners' honeymoon? Hope to learn more about how to care for this vehicle through this forum. Thanks in advance for your insights.