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    Access to the interior fuse panel

    Haz, Thank you for your reply, I do not see a panel like that, but I will look again tomorrow. The panel I'm referring to is the finished trim piece of the lower dash (below the steering column) that might expose the insulator panel you have shown. I can see a thick wiring harness but not the fuse block that I would like to get to. I want to tap into the fuse block to power a dash camera. Tapping into the fuse block under the hood is not my first choice as I would have to route the wires through the firewall. Thank you again for your help.
  2. I am a new owner of a 2019 Nautilus and new to this forum. I have searched for the correct way to remove the lower facia trim to get to the fuse panel under the dash (left of the steering column) I have tried to remove the lower cover to access the fuses but it is in there pretty tight and I do not want to damage it by too much force. Is there a trick to access this area? Nothing on line and the manual suggests removing the "Finish trim piece" however it does not say how to! Any tricks or tips would be most appreciated. Thank you