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  1. Tofer

    Tire Wear / Replacing MKX Tires

    Here is a question. I am looking to switch out my existing tires for my 16MKX BL ...currently they are sized at the factory 245/50/R20 and I would like to put the Bridgestone Quiet track but they only are sized at 245/45/R20. I am not an aggressive driver and value comfort over performance and the Bridgestone's have an excellent reputation for a quiet ride. Does anyone see or no of any issues with changing to the 45 Aspect ratio?
  2. Tofer

    How do I update the maps?

    Take a look at Cyan Labs..you can update your apim with new maps...and it is free...be aware of what and how you update the maps...my 3.2 is now 3.4 and has 2020 maps
  3. Has anyone use or installed an oil separator on the 2.7T ? Doing research on how to potentially avoid future problems and this seems like a viable and inexpensive way to avoid oil getting into the intake system.
  4. Tofer

    Electronics Behaving Strangely

    Was the battery the issue? Curious minds and also driving a 2016 want to know?
  5. Proud owner of new to me MKX. Ford was my first car back in the day and I’m coming out of a titanium Escape a great little car that made we want more. So I pulled the trigger on a preowned 16 MKX BL Heritage 40k miles! This is a beautiful vehicle , in and out and drives like any lux You can get, I looked and drove what I could afford new and none could hold a candle to this beauty I couldn’t touch this car new, and i know I’m really spoiling myself here. It’s used but has all the records and I can see me having this for the long term. The engine is the 2.7 TT , I loved my 2.0 Ecoboost but the 2.7 is the bomb. We will see how it holds up, I know how I treated my Escape , it’s the preowned market. Will let you know! Maintenance , maintence, maintenance