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  1. tfox1992

    2016 MKX Sync Touchscreen Not Working

    You work for Ford Motor Co. ?
  2. tfox1992

    2016 MKX Sync Touchscreen Not Working

    I don't think you do "got it". Didn't purposely do anything. This started before warranty was up. Dealer told me to do a reset of system which fixed problem temporarily. Problem started 2 months before warranty was out. This is a known problem with Lincolns SYNC system. Dealer should have never told me to try and put Band-Aids on this before it started hemorrhaging. What should have happened was they tell me that they have had known problems with this system and get it in here so we can replace the faulty part before your original warranty is out because it is not going to get better.
  3. tfox1992

    2016 MKX Sync Touchscreen Not Working

    So a call to my dealer that I have purchased 2 brand new vehicles from, resulted in them wanting me to call Lincoln direct. Thanks for the help guys. I'm guessing Ford/Lincoln wants me to pursue other manufacturers for my next vehicle. Not a problem Ford Motor Co. This is unreal.
  4. tfox1992

    2016 MKX Sync Touchscreen Not Working

    Thanks for the reply. I'll have them on the phone shortly. Let's see what they do if anything.
  5. Anyone else having problems with their Lincoln Sync Touchscreen ? I have a 2016 MKX (wife's car) that started acting strange a couple months ago. It wasn't so bad that we felt we needed to take it in to the dealer right away because it was just reacting slowly when you would touch a command on the screen. That turned out to be a mistake. Should have called the dealer right then and complained about it because it was still in warranty at that time. Fast forward 2 months later and touchscreen is barely functioning. Don't really like to get out much due to the pandemic and all but decided to take it in to dealer which is over 40 miles from where I live. Had to get some recall work done as well so made an appointment and took it in. Told the service guy that I would have been in months earlier but couldn't get there for various reasons. He says that they have had issues with these Sync units and he would see what he could do. Picked vehicle up 3 days later and after a software update that they charged me $135.00 for the screen seemed to work fine on the ride home. Wife called several hours later and said screen was acting crazy again. Dealer had told me that there is some sort of module that would need to be replaced if the software update that they installed did not fix the problem and that it would run around $1100.00 or so. This is a 2016 MKX that I purchased new from this dealer. It is my wife's first Ford/Lincoln automobile. I have driven Ford trucks for over 30 years. I purchased this vehicle and 2 new F150's in the past 6 years. That's 2 new vehicles every 2 years. I also bought my daughter a Kia Sportage new in 2013. Guess which vehicle HAS NEVER been back to the dealer or a repair shop for anything other than tires and oil changes? That's correct class, the Kia. If Lincoln sticks me with $1100.00 on a faulty part on their touchscreen that lasted just barely over 4 years and less than 45k miles I will be taking a real hard look at another brand for the wife's next ride. My $135.00 software update didn't even last 8 hours. I read somewhere Lincoln had a problem with several of the older model MKX's Sync screens and extended the warranty on those for an additional 2 years. Hey Lincoln, need some help here. If anyone else has had this problem, let me know how and if you resolved.