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  1. degrofft25

    Mirror click, won't fold out

    How long ago did you have them replaced? Still holding up? I have had it to the dealership 3 times...of course it won't do it while it is there. They tell me everything is fine. Now warranty is expired! UGH!
  2. degrofft25

    Mirror click, won't fold out

    About every 10-15 days, when I unlock my car from the fob to get in, the mirrors will over rotate and click but not open. Generally when I get in and start the car, they fold out, I have to hit my seat recall button to get them to then rotate to my presettings. Also, if I hit the mirror adjust buttons, they just fold back in, I can't adjust the mirror. I also can't toggle between driver and passenger. They again, just fold in. Thoughts?
  3. degrofft25

    Liftgate releases, won't open

    I had my liftgate up, unloading some things, when I tried to close it, it wouldn't close, instead it tried to go further up (couldn't, was already maxed). Chimed 3 times, but didn't do anything. I hit the button again, still wouldn't close so I manually closed it. Now, it will release and open about 6 inches. If I hit the button again, it will again chime and go up about 3 inches. Even when it is at the top, it won't close, I have to manually do it. Any ideas?