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    TSB 09M04S1 Cooling System Corrosion

    I am in the process of changing my water pump, this was the cause of my heater not working. I flushed the system and all the parts I took off were full of corrosion. I did a back flush on the heater core, it was full of gunk.... after all that, I realized coolant was NOT flowing at all. Anyone else have a water pump issue?
  2. Bobbcatt

    Sun Shade

    How do you initialize the sunshade? The glass does close all the way, and will go into the tilt position... but the sunshade doesnt even make a sound or attempt to move. I will have to try testing the electrical components. Now... are the electrical components closer to the back or the front of the vehicle. Global Open? How is that? or what? At the moment I am in the process of replacing the water pump and timing chain. This should be interesting to say the least.. LOL
  3. Bobbcatt

    Lift gate inoperable

    I did this, and it worked! Thank you!
  4. Bobbcatt

    Sun Shade

    I tried that... nothing. I finally got my tailgate to open/close. Wish the sunshade was as easy.
  5. Bobbcatt

    Sun Shade

    My sunshade does not close at all. I was wondering if the window and the sunscreen operated on two different fuses?