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  1. I did Master Reset twice in last week. Problem not solved. After driving few minutes, GPS slows down. Its behind 40-100 feet by actual location of the car. On Hi-Ways , this distance could go up 1/2 mile or more. I was reading that in late 2014 you could recalibrate using TSB 14-0037. This TSB is not available anymore. Is any other solution to this problem. I have another problem. Car makes hissing sound ( you can hear on the driver side) on the road when you press the gas paddle. Mechanic says there is no code , so its ok. Just wondering what it could be? It kind of annoying when driving.
  2. Thanks. Do I need to install sync update as well since it will reset to the original version?
  3. While driving GPS icon is slow. After a turn , Icon shows I am off road. Is there any fix for this issue? My sync is up to date.
  4. Ash

    Navigation Update

    You can buy new A10 map update from Amazon for about C$ 80.00