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  1. Okay are these are these 5 x 114.3 or 5 x 108 like the pre 16 wheels? thanks
  2. I assume same year Edge but what about the previous generation MKX/Edge? I want to get a set of factory style 18s and there seems like a ton of Edge wheels out there. Anyone?
  3. Either by a dealer of by yourself? My Lexus and BMW keys had to be new according to the dealers, however I have seen a locksmith encode the Lexus key so there is that. I have never heard of any similar issue with the MKX except you need two smart keys in your possession to encode a 3rd.
  4. Just picked up a 2016 and the code was not in the wallet. I looked online but could only find proper directions for the 11-15 which have a totally different interior. After a spine twisting few minutes upside down under the steering wheel I could see no sign of any sticker under the drivers side dash. Can someone tell me exactly where it is? I only have the one FOB right now so cant use the discover method out of the manual. Should I maybe just go to the dealer and give them the vin?
  5. I just bought it and it has a couple of scuffs on the rear bunmper cover. Rather than repaint since I need a scrath pad for my dog ramp anyway I though I would get a max coverage one. This one is from Shopsar and looks close and Dawn Enterprises also makes them. Any experience with these or similar? The Lincoln items are a little on the small side. My suv is black so I think the rubber would be fine. thanks for any responses