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  1. Mkxdude2015

    2015 MKX MyKey issue

    Just spoke with my local Lincoln dealership, $400 for an additional key and to reprogram it and the key I already have. I was thinking buying another Lincoln key of internet and then letting a locksmith reprogram both of them, might be less expensive that way. Is there a certain type of locksmith I should look for? I am open to hear any ideas someone may have who has been thru this b4.
  2. Mkxdude2015

    2015 MKX MyKey issue

    Thanks for the information, that is a bummer since I only got one key, when I bought the car. I not only don't have access to MyKey option, but I can't access the remote global window opening featire and the ACC option to turn the ACC on from regular cruise control. Do you think not having an admin key might affect those features also? From what I've been reading only the dealership can reprogram the key to access those features?
  3. Mkxdude2015

    2015 MKX MyKey issue

    Hello everyone, just bought a 2015 mkx and MyKey doesn't appear under the settings in the IP. I thought MyKey was a standard feature, am I wrong? Any thoughts.
  4. Mkxdude2015

    14 Ruby Red

    Nice, looks just like mine👍