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  1. Cosmos36

    Transmission Clunking

    For those with the intermittent hatch issue, does the problem occur when using the remote fob, manual dash/hatch command, or either? Opening, closing, or both?
  2. Cosmos36

    First road trip observations

    I haven't driven the Nautilus, but the paramount curiosity I've had about any improvement over my 2016 2.7TT would be road noise and interior quietness. Lincoln has stated that suspension improvements (bushings) and added acoustical materials have led to the nautilus being quieter than previous MKX models. From various sources that has apparently been accomplished. The 2020 models will soon be available and we'll see if there are any further refinements. As to fuel mileage, I regularly exceed the EPA averages of 17/24 mpg (500/700 km per tank) with the great 2.7TT engine. If I reduce my usual 70+ mph freeway speeds to ~55-60 mph, the MKX provides up to 31 mpg. Back in the years of several Oldsmobile & Cadillac ownerships, I would brag on getting 18 mpg highway mileage. Today, with all the improvements/amenities/power/safety of modern vehicles, I am immensely pleased with the perceived value of the MKX-Nautilus.
  3. Recent efforts to install Chinese-made Michelin/Costco Guardian wiper blades to my 2016 MKX have failed after two attempts to attach correct connectors mailed from the Michelin licensee (Pylon Manufacturing Co. in Deerfield, Florida). The first issue manifested itself immediately. The OEM wipers are low profile SIDE-MOUNT blades that hide below the hood cowl & out of the airstream. The Michelin blades are TOP-MOUNT blades that elevate the wiper arm above the cowl and protrude into the airstream, thus also ruining the aesthetics of the OEM design. The first connector mailed ( # P3-5 received after 4 days) from Pylon was a convoluted, awkward 'Rube Goldberg' device that crudely attached the blade to the arm. The second connector mailed (# P4 received after 9 days) was a third duplicate of two other connectors that were included in the purchased 18" & 24" blade packaging...the # P4 was never designed to fit a MKX arm and is worthless. It was sent to me despite a Costco/Michelin/Pylon online fitment guide specifying a different connector number. The Michelin-Pylon marketing of their "EZ Lok Connector System" is a farce. I will be returning the blades to Costco with the hope of receiving a refund.
  4. Cosmos36

    Beware Michelin Guardian wiper blades.

    I suspect you're correct re: Costco. I had the recent experience of returning something without a receipt bought months earlier...they just scanned my membership card and the unit's barcode and, voila, $$$ while pleasantly smiling and mentioning that their guarantees are 'unconditional'. Also, I remember when purchasing the MKX that the manager closing the sale said that I was entitled to three free 'somethings' related to services. I recall wiper blades being mentioned. I'll look into it. Thanks.
  5. Cosmos36

    21" Wheels

    Repetitive OEM is boring, BLING captures the eye.
  6. Cosmos36

    New guy with a key fob question

    ks...Yes, both fobs are required. That is because the 'good' fob's program is reconciled and both 'good' and new fob then receive a compatible new program. Dealers, of course, can program fobs but usually at premium expense. An online (or telecon) search for local locksmiths that have the programming equipment will lead you to local vendors that usually charge less. They will also cut the blade key for the new fob. The topic is somewhat confusing because not all fobs require the same services to duplicate. To my knowledge, the so-called "remote smart" 4-button fobs of push button start vehicles such as MKX-Nautilus not only cost more but demand more complicated programming requiring software that 'lesser' fobs don't.
  7. Cosmos36

    New guy with a key fob question

    I once had a similar occurrence involving a Hyundai replacement fob where the programming of both the original & replacement fobs resulted in a completed program installation of the OEM fob but only an incomplete program installation re: the replacement fob. A re-programming of both fobs solved the issues.
  8. Cosmos36

    Stainless rear bumper protector

    I have never found a protector "...that covers the edge of the bumper" or "...to the end" assuming that both terms refer to coverage of the bumper's top surface and extending from side to side equal to the width of the hatch opening. Also, the polished mirror finish SS available from Carid.com & Shopsar.com (same product, ~$25 price difference) is not what I want, preferring the textured/engineered appearance available elsewhere (OEM or aftermarket for other vehicles).
  9. Cosmos36

    MKX Battery Warranty?

    McC...How many miles on the '17 when the issue occurred? Do you do a lot of short term/mileage driving with infrequent long trips?
  10. Cosmos36

    What is the 2.7T HP and torque on octane 97 fuel?

    A fully detailed discussion in response to your inquiry could get very complicated with many rabbit trails into engine management control strategies (OEM vs aftermarket tunes), towing or not, track vs freeway, fuel characteristics (oxygenated or not, etc.), and so on. There's much to savor via tech research online. However, keeping it simple and practical for most commuters & freeway denizens, the numbers between 87 and 93 octane in a stock OEM engine are not 'significantly' different. And yes, many folks have switched and reported differences ranging from none to slight (when towing). But, reports of ~53 HP & ~55 TQ increases with a 93 Tune on the otherwise-stock 2.7 Nano engine have been published.
  11. Cosmos36

    Gas gauge

    Non-digital fuel? Need to switch to Top Tier.
  12. Cosmos36

    Replacing cabin filter in 2016- MKX

    As a DYI maintenance person, I enjoy doing minor projects on my vehicles. It also saves me time & fuel driving across the valley in insane traffic, waiting around the customer service area, avoiding upselling hassles, and assures that the job is done properly and to my satisfaction. Time, fuel saved, and satisfaction is worth more to me than a $20 cost of item.
  13. Cosmos36

    Replacing cabin filter in 2016- MKX

    At 46 months since manufacture with ~30,500 miles, I replaced the OEM MKX cabin air filter costing $19.99. The previously white filter material was uniformly a very dark grey with road grime and the pleats in proximity to a postcard-sized area nearest the incoming air were heavily contaminated with vegetative debris, mostly chopped leaves & weed stems. An area about the size of a lemon opposite the above vicinity was the obvious site of a intended-but-incompleted mouse nest with a hole gnawed through the pleats & small piles of granular filter material scattered about. I was surprised at the dark color of the old filter, but was left wondering if smoke/particulates from last year's (2018) prominent wildfires surrounding the PDX area on three sides (Canada, California, eastern Oregon, and much of the western U.S. including Alaska) most of last summer contributed...the air here was so noxious that my breathing issues restricted me to staying indoors for much of the season. However, the MKX interior always appeared unaffected when out and about.
  14. Cosmos36

    21" Wheels

    As one who has long been interested in the technology of vehicle assembly over the decades spanning the post war 'slap dash OMG' poor workmanship of the '50s-'70s period up to contemporary robotic assembly lines, I have toured many vehicle assembly facilities...Corvette at Bowling Green was a favorite...and often translate detailed memories of those tours to what I view in showrooms or auto show displays re: assembly fit and finish. The several alignments of the hood, front fenders, grill, headlights, and bumper/fascia are critical to quality assembly, but as has been pointed out occasionally by our intrepid moderator (take a bow A.K.), assembly quality starts with engineering. Many of the 2016-2018 MKXs suffered miscues in the hood and frontal alignments. Perhaps Lincoln's 2019 design of that area was an attempt to address an earlier source of alignment difficulties.
  15. Cosmos36

    21" Wheels

    Thanks for pointing that out. I now note the upper cutout of the headlight nacelle/frame. So, all is well.
  16. Cosmos36

    21" Wheels

    My takeaway from Elijah's latest pic above is the misalignment of the hood/fender just above the headlight. I have the same issue with my 2016...the only flaw I've ever noted in any respect with the vehicle.
  17. Cosmos36

    Blindspot sensors disabled while driving in the rain

    The BLIS (radar/microwave) sensors are located in the rear bumper & visible on the bumper surface. They also function as cross-traffic detectors and in conjunction with the backup camera when the vehicle is in reverse gear.
  18. Cosmos36

    First road trip observations

    Your 10.6 dash readout converts to 22.19 US miles per gallon. Over 41 months of ownership, my 2016 with the 2.7TT averages 22.1 US mpg in suburban driving (no commuting) and 27.6 US mpg highway (50-70 mph on mixed secondary & freeway roads including mountainous routes). I've been very pleased with the MKX fuel economy considering the performance & comfort of the vehicle.
  19. Cosmos36

    What is deep sleep mode?

    Ford's 'Deep Sleep Mode' is a battery preservation mode. Rather than expend considerable time to explain it here, a short cut to a reply would be to Google 'FORD (or Lincoln) DEEP SLEEP MODE'.
  20. Cosmos36

    Short Drivers side floor mats

    So, the MAXpider driver's side mat covers the dead pedal...Hmm?
  21. Cosmos36

    Next Gen Nautilus or Corsair Hybrid drivetrain.

    I noted the 2023 Fusion production news on another forum...has it been confirmed by official Ford releases?
  22. Welcome to the forum where land yacht owners dwell, Captain. I was wondering how long it would take for Nemo to appear.
  23. Cosmos36

    Alex on Autos Nautilus review

    If I was interested in a MKZ, I would order it with a trailer hitch to pull my MKX.
  24. Cosmos36

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    'Back in the day' when auto trannys were in their infancy, most of the AT cars I was familiar with had wide brake pedals located near the centerline of the driver's floor pan, conveniently in reach of the driver's left foot and negating the necessity to move one's right foot off the accelerator. Also, I recall that driving school instructors tended to teach the use of one foot over the other for braking depending on certain geographical or population characteristics.
  25. Cosmos36

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Super...does that mean you're a 'left-foot-braker' under usual braking conditions as I am. It seems that drivers of certain age groups and/or geographical birth origins have differing habits of which foot they use to brake with.