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    Climate Control BUTTONS Question

    Are you crazy? No! I encountered the same scenario when attempting to change settings manually while the engine was warming up but prior to reaching operating temperature. I was perplexed by the situation, trying unsuccessfully to figure it out functionally in my mind and pressing various button combinations randomly. Finally, I was successful but couldn't recall the means that would enable me to ever repeat the 'code'. Perhaps, for example, the engine reaching normal temperature triggered some message to the system...??? Back in the day of 4-speed Chevy Cavaliers, I (and the dealer's service manager accompanying me on a ride) were totally baffled by why the automatic tranny would intermittently fail to shift into high (4th) gear on the freeway & would shift in/out 3rd & 4th for several miles, especially in cool weather, seldom on long, hot trips. The dealer's service dept. finally gave up on the issue, followed by the Regional Rep quitting also. Finally, after a few weeks of angry driving (and poor gas mileage), I figured the problem out after reading an article on the many functions of the 'newfangled' computers in vehicles of the day. I began to put two & two together as it related to my Cavalier tranny issue and finally had a Voila!!! moment. The shifting problem was all caused by a defective thermostat in the cooling system not permitting the engine to reach a temperature which would signal the tranny that it was OK to shift from 3rd to 4th. It was actually an emissions regulating function that held the tranny in 3rd gear, i.e. at elevated RPMs to heat the coolant quicker in order to adjust the fuel mixture to a leaner, less pollution-emitting mixture. In cool weather the car's coolant would not warm up enough to signal the computer to permit the shift to 4th with lower RPMs & lesser emissions. I installed a new thermostat and informed the dealer of my findings. A letter of thanks from the Regional Rep followed. Sorry for digressing. But, as I was messing with the MKX heating/AC controls, I was reminded of the Cavalier incident and how modern vehicle programming can contribute to confounding intuitive operations.
  2. Cosmos36

    Rear Lift Gate Support Struts

    If your concern with the hatch struts is the 'thud' at closing (one previous owner here referred to the closing as a "crash"), my experience with the current generation of MKX-Nautilus vehicles is that the noisy/abrupt hatch closing is normal albeit intrusive. I don't believe there is any adjustability to the strut function. As a word of caution if you're considering DIY replacement, the struts contain a pre-loaded spring. Also, I would assume that the part number remains the same across all trim models of your MKX.
  3. Cosmos36

    Engine light at ~ 33,000 miles.

    The engine light came on at approximately 33,000+ miles on my Select with the 2.7TT. A day earlier when filling fuel at Costco, the pump kicked off at ~ 6 gallons when I expected about twice that much for a fill. After filling with an additional ~ 6 gallons, I proceeded home with no apparent issue. The next morning when starting the engine, the engine light came on (not blinking). From previous experiences, I suspected a connection with the previous day's fill up and had a local auto supply vendor (O'Reilly's) check the OBD for no charge. There was no code indicated and the engine light was out upon restarting with no further issue. This post is just a heads-up to a simple solution to a not-uncommon occurrence. Some auto repair/dealer shops would charge upwards of $80-$100+ just to check for a code thrown for the engine light plus some rip-off parts/labor up-sell to correct the "issue".
  4. Cosmos36

    Sad Ad

    Good grief! Between the 'stupid mechanic' that left the lug nuts loose on punch-card's Nautilus and your dealer's advertising of Lincoln 'CONSAIR' models & 'standards' trim levels, it would be no surprise that some might question Lincoln service & sales integrity.
  5. This year, Lincoln vehicles were conspicuous by their total absence at the PDX Auto Show, the largest such event in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, Lincoln's display was a faint-hearted, dimly lit attempt to be vaguely present, but at least a Nautilus and a locked pre-production Aviator was on display. Perhaps last year's dispute over the failure of Lincoln Motor Company to gain display space in the 'Luxury Loft' along with Lexus, Jag, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, etc. contributed to Lincoln's demise this year. On the other hand, Lincoln is not (generally speaking) a hugely popular brand in this corner of the U.S. vis-à-vis Subaru, for example. The wow-factor was satisfied this year by the Corvette Stingray...WOW! However, I was extremely turned off by the omnipresence of piano black (aka gloss black) film in so many vehicle interiors...an owner's nightmare when detailing. Also, the large upright infotainment displays of some manufacturers were disturbing to me...other brands were attractive, well integrated and less intrusive. And, the wife mentioned an observation that I also concluded early in the show...with a few exceptions, the fit-finish, quality, and features of many economy and popular-priced vehicles are commensurate with what's available on those costing 3X-4X more. And finally, there were as many e-vehicles/hybrids displayed this year across all brands as were the total number of conventional models at auto shows of past decades. But, maybe we would prefer battery power to a buzzing 4-cylinder engine.
  6. Cosmos36

    3 of 4 Brake lines failed within last 12 months

    Punch...thanks for adding the details & photo. So, it was the flex rubber connectors, not the steel lines where the failures occurred. Good to know. It has been many decades since I experienced a total 'pedal-to-the-floorboard' brake loss...very frightening. "Stupid mechanic" indeed! You were fortunate to have avoided a fatal incident.
  7. Cosmos36

    3 of 4 Brake lines failed within last 12 months

    Since I also own a 2016 MKX (with only ~ 35K miles), your post caught my attention as a DIY maintenance owner (minor routine services, e.g. oil changes, fluid & belt checks, etc.). It would have been helpful if you would have identified the cause that necessitated the brake line replacements. A check of the NHSTA website indicated a few MKX owners reporting brake line issues including corrosion, split lines, and leaking master cylinders. The latter can result in low fluid levels that result in interior line corrosion; exterior line corrosion can be caused by environmental conditions, e.g. road chemicals or coastal salt air, and splitting can be caused by elevated levels of water in the lines (from high ambient humidity conditions) that freeze in winter temps. There does not appear to be an unusual occurrence of brake line failures at a national level.
  8. Cosmos36

    Transmission Clunking

    Back on November 10 when I responded to your post of the previous day, my mind was focused on 'non-rotational sources' of the reported clunk, e.g. engine mounts, etc. The thought of a half-shaft being at fault didn't occur to me. For future reference, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for occasionally updating your experiences on this forum.
  9. Cosmos36

    Door/Handle Touch Unlock

    On occasion, I have found it necessary it squeeze a door handle repeatedly (2-3 times) to get an unlocking response. I just attribute it to door handle road grime.
  10. Cosmos36

    Latest version of SYNC

    My random browsing of other FOMOCO forums, Google, automotive media, etc. appears to put up an abundance of warnings & caveats related to updating 3.0 with 3.4. Even some highly tech geek websites include cautions (in red) to performing the installation.
  11. Cosmos36

    Rear Wiper Blade replacement on 2016 MKX

    I should have been more specific about positioning the liftgate when installing the wiper. It only took a moment to figure that sitting in the cargo area (atop the gate latch & facing the rear of the vehicle) with the hatch pulled down towards my lap and the wiper at eye/shoulder level was more convenient than standing outside the vehicle with outstretched arms above my head. Thanks for reminding me to clarify.
  12. Cosmos36

    Rear Wiper Blade replacement on 2016 MKX

    When replacing the rear wiper blade on my 2016 MKX, I too pondered the limited visibility available to align the replacement blade's notch with the arm's bar. Similarly, I considered taping a mirror under the wiper arm as you suggested. Then, it occurred to me that a better view of the alignment/installation was possible if I just opened the liftgate and viewed the installation from below looking up through the liftgate glass as I aligned the new blade's notch & arm's bar. It took only seconds to complete.
  13. Cosmos36

    No front sensors?

    Welcome to the forum Jim. Whether your MKX has front sensors or not depends on the trim level and option package of the vehicle. My 2016 SELECT model is not optioned to have front sensors.
  14. Cosmos36

    All 4 windows go down on thier own.

    One of the many features of the key fob is remote opening-closing of the vehicle's windows. It would appear that something either in the remote or the vehicle has gone awry and is triggering a command to open the windows. I learned of this function by happenstance early in my ownership when dining with an acquaintance who noted that the windows of my MKX parked within sight were intermittently open-closing. The issue was traced to the remote in my cargo pants pocket being pressed against a table leg which activated the open-close door lock remote buttons for periods long enough (3 seconds or more) to lower-raise the windows. If your remote is secure when you leave the vehicle, i.e. no physical contact with the door lock-unlock remote buttons, then the issue you're experiencing must be related to either the circuitry of the remote or the vehicle.
  15. Cosmos36

    2016 MKX Power Liftgate will not unlock!

    Welcome to the forum, Joe. You are correct in noting there is no manual means to open the liftgate, just the three buttons located on the remote, the dash, and the liftgate (I've always wondered if Lincoln designers intentionally located the hidden button on the (L)iftgate just below the L on the Lincoln name). There have been occasional reports here of the liftgate not responding to commands to open/close or closing with a loud thud, but I don't recall any report of issues that were resolved by the owner without a trip to the dealer.
  16. Cosmos36

    Transmission shift between 2nd and 3rd

    Thanks for some positive news, Elijah.
  17. Cosmos36

    2020 Nautilus

    One of two dealers in the Portland OR vicinity currently have 2 in stock.
  18. Cosmos36

    Using FORScan to 'tweak' the X

    Adam...has your dealer offered any rationale for the delay in delivery of the Aviator? There are dozens of Reserve & Black Label models currently available in the Portland-Seattle area. I would hope that Lincoln is not suffering a repeat of the early 2016 MKX production issue where specific VINs were built but never shipped. They simply disappeared from the record, never to be seen again.
  19. Cosmos36

    Does your engine have a sparkling clean interior?

    Excellent idea...I should have added your suggestion to my last sentence above. I maintain a meticulously clean engine bay & external engine appearance with at least a monthly use of a (original) California Car Duster.
  20. During the long winter nights, I get very bored...can't mow the lawn, can't wash the vehicles, hate the mind-numbing TV, all my current mags have been read, etc. So, I turn to a variety of other pursuits which may occasionally include changing engine oil. After several years of participating on this forum, I suspect that DYI MKX-Nautilus maintenance is likely not a popular pastime of most members...contrary to many other online forums. In any case, there is one small maintenance task that takes less than a minute to perform and is easy, requires no mechanical skills/knowledge, is immediately informative, hopefully satisfying, and could pay future dividends. At this point, some might be guessing...pull the dipstick and check oil. Good idea, but I'm referring to taking a few seconds to remove the engine oil cap and, with flashlight in hand, peer into the engine for an exam of upper internals, e.g. timing chain, etc. This exam will provide an excellent view for detection of any possible sludge issues. The most favorable view will be one of looking into a container of sparkling diamonds, i.e. gleaming metal components bathed in gold-to-darkish brown motor oil (note: with extended drain intervals, oils in turbo engines may be blackish from carbon blow-by contaminants). When removing the oil cap, inspect for 'mayonnaise', especially prevalent in winter months caused by short drives & less-than-complete engine warm-ups. Freeway driving of adequate duration will melt the usually harmless substance. Good hunting...now you can check the serpentine belt & fluids before closing the hood.
  21. Cosmos36

    Rear Brakes

    See https://www.paulstravelpictures.com/2015-2019-Ford-Edge-Rear-Brake-Pads-Replacement-Guide/ Note section marked !ATTENTION!
  22. Cosmos36

    Transmission Clunking

    Seems to be some confusion here re: transmission shifting TSB numbers. TSB 19-2103 was recently superseded by TSB 19-2288. Now it appears TSB 19-2313 is the latest TSB addressing the harsh shifts & 4th-5th gear shift flare.
  23. Cosmos36

    Does 2016 MKX Have Fog Lights?

    There are no fog lights on any trim model of your MKX, only the strip LEDs that aid in your being observed but serve no purpose in aiding the driver's vision as dedicated fog lamps do.
  24. Cosmos36

    Transmission Clunking

    An examination/replacement of transmission/engine mounts would be logical since the mounts secure engine/transmission components in their proper place & alignment. A broken or loose mount could cause clunking when shifting or accelerating/braking. A non-rotational noise diagnosis would be a search for clunking sources that are static, i.e. not rotating parts such as wheels, bearings, gears, etc. Static (non-rotational) sources of clunking might be suspension components, mounts, mufflers, etc.
  25. Cosmos36

    Auto Start Stop.

    The smoothness of a 4 cylinder stop-start engine re-start may depend on whether the engine is always programmed to shut down & restart with one of the 4 cylinders at/near TDC (top dead center) charged with compressed fuel, i.e. ready to fire off instantly when the re-start ignition is initiated. Perhaps the Equinox and Nautilus engines are programmed differently re: stop-start sequencing. Also, the more the engine cylinders, e.g. 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder, the smoother the re-start of a 6 cylinder due to better inherent engine balance features...6 cyl engines are inherently better balanced.