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  1. Anthony Verde

    Black out chrome

    I am looking into blacking out all of the chrome on my recently purchased 2014 MKX. I am stationed overseas and the car is in Missouri in the possession of my family. This unique situation has made it a little more difficult to get things done while I am away. I had a family member bring it in to a local Wrap shop that quoted him $3000! This seems way overpriced to me but I wanted to get anyone's opinion here. I am looking to do the grill, door handles, all chrome trim, and emblems. Any help or experience is appreciated!
  2. Anthony Verde

    Verde 2014 MKX

    Recently bought a 2014 MKX Changes so far: - Switched the mirrors to black - Replaced wheels with black 20 x 8.5 KMC 677 D2 - Next up is a full chrome delete to black