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  1. Bmoe

    2014 MKX hatch issues

    No issues with iur(same year) sorry to hear this
  2. Bmoe

    New Member Vancouver BC - Jacob

    Hello fellow Canadian. I used to own a F150 with the 2.7L ecoboost engine, it was a rocket. I am curious if the MKX is a rocket with the 2.7L or have they destined it. cheers, bmoe
  3. Bmoe

    Edge -----> MKX

    Do you guys find yours hard on gas? I do realize it is a smaller than avg fuel tank and that may be the issue. Other than that I love this vehicle (my wife’s) but I love my Expedition Limited more👍🏼
  4. Hi everyone hope to learn model knowledge from those who own 2014 MKX. Love vehicle, just wish 3.7L engine wasn’t so hard on gas and find fuel tank a bit on the small side.