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  1. trickiegt

    Sync3 Popup image with red exclimation

    Confirmed. The popup on the sync3 screen is/was directly related to the parking sensors. Apparently the plug on the rear was not securely connected. They cleaned the plug and reconnected it which cleared all the issues. The technicians notes are attached for reference.
  2. trickiegt

    Sync3 Popup image with red exclimation

    Thanks for your response! I tried the hard reset and it did not correct the issue. Full disclosure, I just purchased the vehicle from Carvana and the vehicle tells me everytime I start it that there is an issue with the parking aid (probably a bad sensor). Which I pointed out to their associate & he told me their warranty will pay to fix it. I will confirm this once repairs have been made (appt monday). Thanks again, Chris
  3. While engine is running, I get a popup when switching screens (wifi screen to home screen). The popup is an image of my vehicle (2017 MKX reserve) and in the middle of the vehicle it depicts a red exclimation mark (image attached). It also does this everytime I stop and take off from a stop (doesn't matter what screen I'm on). Has anyone seen this and or know what it means? Thanks, Chris Note - this does not occur when the motor is off.