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  1. Randyroyalty

    Simple question

    It us safer to have them on. I can't understand why you would want them off, but to each his own
  2. Randyroyalty

    Securicode keyless entry system

    I believe it is also on a card in the owners manual pouch if you still have it
  3. Have the battery checked. Intermittent low voltage can cause ALL kinds of issues
  4. Randyroyalty

    2017 MKX Rattling sound inside car

    There us a tsb out that may cover this rattle. Tsb17-0065
  5. Randyroyalty

    Panoramic roof operation

    I guess I expected that there was no setting to adjust the operation, but my further questions is, is this the way the pano roof works for you in your MKX (that every time you fall to a lower speed after manually overriding the automatic partial closing that it will partially close again when you regain highway speed), or this the pano in my MKX NOT operating the way it is intended? As I mentioned in my original post this is the way it operated in my MKZ (that once you manually overroad the partial closing that it would remain fully open until the car was turned off)
  6. Randyroyalty

    Panoramic roof operation

    I just purchased a 2017 MKX Reserve cpo with the pano roof. I previously had a 2013 MKZ with the same pano roof that behaved a little differently then with the MKX. On the MKZ when I opened it, it would fully open and once I reached about 50 mph it would partially close to help eliminate wind buffeting. I could then open it fully and it would stay that way no matter what speed I was traveling until I turned the car off. On the MKX it operates the same way until I reach 50 mph and it partially closes. When I then open it fully it stays that way ONLY until I slow down, for a speed zone or stop sign, and then once I reach 50 mph again it partially closes, again. It does this every time I slow down and then regain speed. Sometimes I just like it fully open even if the wind buffets. Is there a setting somewhere to set the operation the way it operates in my MKZ?