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  1. I dont like this 'learning' transmission thing. In theory, it's supposed to learn and adapt to the owner's driving style. Only problem is when you deviate from your norm, it shifts 'weird'. My dealer says they doubt future trans will be this type..... just a normal from the factory trans that shifts great.
  2. Got my Nautilus back on Friday. Drives and shifts like a dream !! Thanks James Davis and all involved in making this right !
  3. MKXMark, This issue was only able to be duplicated after driving the vehicle at least 1 1/2 hours and uphill. They never were going to be able to duplicate my issue in their service bay. But yes, James (SVC Mgr) and I discussed the qualifications for a 'lemon' complaint and was aware of 3 visits for same issue going unresolved. Dealership was trying to get Lincoln to approve their master Trans mechanic to hook up a computer, drive the Nautilus a route I have done 3 times before. Lincoln would not approve that, so my SVC Mgr himself (on his day off), hooked it up, drove the route, recorded 8 instances on computer. Came back and he and Master Trans guy determined overheating and new trans was the only remedy. Supposed to get her back this Friday. I have every confidence that my issues are behind me and I can start to fall in love with my Nautilus !!
  4. Great news ! My 'stuttering' issue at altitude and incline has been experienced by my Svc Mgr who personally installed a 'Flight Recorder' as he calls it, and went on a road trip similar to what I did. He recorded 8 separate instances of the issue. They have analyzed the data and determined that my trans is overheating at a certain time / distance traveled. He is ordering a completely new transmission !! Shout out to James Davis @ Fiesta Lincoln in Mesa, AZ - He went way above and beyond to help me ! - Even gave me a 2020 AVIATOR as a loaner while mine is being repaired. ! Love it, so that's my next ride
  5. Svc Mgr texted today that they have been able to replicate the glitch (THUNK !) going from P to D or R to D.... they are replacing something or other to 'combat the issue'.... not a real promising, warm / fuzzy phrase but we'll see.
  6. Thanks DeeCee. Yes, I've read of many happy Nautilus owners with no issues. Just talked to my dealership service mgr. They verified the newest trans update was applied (last visit) and cannot replicate any of my issues... (as they could not on visit 1 or 2). So what is my recourse ? Get legal help ? The problems will all still exist so feeling hopeless at this point.
  7. Ok, so those with transmission issues, have you been made whole by Ford/Lincoln or have you sold, walked away etc, Mine is in for the 3rd time for same issues. Next time I’ll file a lemon complaint. Ford guy... happy with Explorer, Edge... thought I’d upgrade to Lincoln..., so far not happy At ALL...
  8. Anyone else having issues with their Nautilus transmission ? I have several things going on with mine: 1. All gear shifts up to just under 40mph are VERY harsh, clunky 2. 3 times now when going from R to D the trans feels like it's going to just fall out onto the road ! Very loud 'clunk' 3. Going uphill (as we've noticed) around 70-75 mph feels like engine (trans ?) is 'missing' ....a pronounced 'stuttering' effect... sluggish feeling I have had a Transmission 'flash' update that was supposed to correct some of these issues but all problems remain. Anyone else have similar experiences ?