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  1. WVMountaineer

    2019 Nautilus Transmission problems

    My car has been to the dealer multiple times for intermittent transmission hard shifts and misses. Just got it back again today and they said it's operating as intended. My Nautilus has hard shifting at 15 and 40 MPH. Also seems to search for the correct gear and "misses" if I'm driving at highway speeds. I wish my dealer was as willing as yours to listen to me!
  2. WVMountaineer

    Climate Control BUTTONS Question

    I should clarify, normally I could turn off AUTO by hitting the + - on the fan or turning on the defrost. I wasn't able to do either of those things when the problem occurred.
  3. WVMountaineer

    Climate Control BUTTONS Question

    Up until yesterday, I've been able to press the "AUTO" button to switch between auto climate and manual climate controls. Yesterday, the button was on and blowing AC. When I went to turn it off (I wanted heat), the button (and light) wouldn't turn off. I happened to be going to the dealer for an unrelated issue, so I asked them to check it. I showed them what it was doing, so they could verify my concern. Today, they say they compared it to a 2020 model and that my car is operating as normal. I shouldn't be able to turn off that light or the "AUTO" control without either turning off the entire climate system, or changing the settings through the touch screen. Am I crazy? Can anyone else verify that I should be able to turn the climate from "AUTO" to manual just by clicking the button? Thanks in advance!
  4. WVMountaineer

    Anyone else having problems?

    Just had my newest problem occur today...while switching from seat memory position 2 to 1 I heard a noise and all movement stopped. Sounds like something is hung up in the motor. Finally got the seat moving again with controls at the bottom of the seat. we tested the controls and are able to reproduce the problem either using controls or memory buttons. I guess we’ll be calling the dealer again on Monday.
  5. WVMountaineer

    Anyone else having problems?

    We are back in for repairs. Transmission is shifting hard again and the noise got even louder last week. Update from the dealer is that parts are on order and should be here Tuesday. Will update when I know what parts have are being replaced now.
  6. WVMountaineer

    Anyone else having problems?

    They replaced a Gateway Module I attached a picture of that portion of the repair order. The car never quit running when everything went off. I actually didn't have anywhere safe to pull off so I had to keep driving about 1/2 mile. When I was able to pull into a parking lot, I got the emergency brake to engage and turned the car off. I did restart because Concierge needed current mileage (I couldn't give it to them!). After about 15 minutes everything started working again, but I did still have it towed. On a side note, while it was at the dealer for repair, they had called me to come get it because they couldn't duplicate the problem. From what I can tell, when they started it to move it to a parking spot, it happened to them. My phone went crazy with alerts.
  7. WVMountaineer

    Anyone else having problems?

    So, I bought my new Lincoln this summer and I loved it for 6 days. First the navigation quit working. Was in and out of the dealer 3 times before they were able to verify concern and replace parts(APIM and wiring harness). Drove it a month or two and then twice the console and all electrical components quit working while I was driving (including speedometer and even odometer). Twice to the dealer because issue wasn't verified the first time. Finally replaced a couple of control modules. Third problem was a whistle coming from the driver's side mirror. Tech was able to verify with a TSB and got that repaired. In December the start-stop feature went crazy and whenever we put the car in Park, the car would turn off and then restart(even when the feature was manually disabled). During these trips to the dealership, I was also having problems with hard shifting and my fuel economy had decreased to about 16 mpg. A computer reprogram was completed and things have improved. After that visit to the dealer, my car is now making a noise that sounds like a sewing machine or diesel motor. It's loud outside the car and inside and gets worse as I drive. Right now, we are getting the "it's operating as normal" run around. Have an appointment scheduled for this week to have this concern looked at by another dealership and have them investigate a "sloshing" noise from the back end. My Nautilus has 7200 miles. 70+ days at dealer for repairs and in 10+ visits. Anyone else having problems with excessive engine noise? When I first got it, it was so quit sometimes I'd forget to turn it off...