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  1. Thank you both for the replies. Nice car! We chose the one with less miles as another unseen cost of A is the 100k service and the original battery. Overall we felt more peace of mind having some factory warranty remaining. We also got a better value for our trade (positive vs negative equity) with option B. I suppose most important is the wife is happy with her choice and I think it was the better choice overall. It’s simple when you only have one option: do you want that car or not? But when there are two or more prospects it gets tricky. It seems to really analyze a deal, it is more than just cost and mileage. Upcoming maintenance costs, warranty, your trade value, finance rate, and ease of working with varying dealers. Thanks again, here’s to many great years with this awesome Lincoln.
  2. Hello all, new to the forum and maybe a new MKX owner tomorrow (1/13). I have two choices: A: 2016 MKX Reserve white platinum Tri-Coat, Cream interior, AWD, 2.7EB 85,000 miles (Commuter miles in suburbs, Lincoln dealer service records, 1 owner) for $20,500 B: 2016 MKX Reserve white platinum Tri-Coat, Black interior, AWD, 2.7EB 38,000 miles (from Illinois state government fleet, no service records), brand new tires, for $24,500. A is super clean, no blemishes. Appeared to be garaged. Will drive tomorrow. I haven’t seen B yet but photos appear super clean. Both have clean records. Is $4,000 more for new tires, 47k less miles and apx. 1 year left of warranty worth it? Which one do you choose and why?