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  1. LeoC2

    Climate Control BUTTONS Question

    I you press the fan button then auto turns off. This happens either on the screen or on the panel below. You then can change your fan speed, direct air upper or lower, etc. I think this is all perfectly normal. My 1997 Mark VIII worked the same way.
  2. LeoC2

    Rear Lift Gate Support Struts

    My '16 closes with a thud also, actually I feel reassured it's closed, I'm not used to these self closing hatches yet!
  3. LeoC2

    Sync3 Popup image with red exclimation

    I don't know if it's related or not but I see your sensors are shut off. Turn them back on and see if it happens. If it still happens try a soft reset (Press the Volume / Power knob and the "next track" button next to the CD at the same time for 5 seconds) and if that doesn't work a hard reset.
  4. LeoC2

    Engine light at ~ 33,000 miles.

    I can't recommend enough that you get an extended warranty from Lincoln. It will pay for itself one day. I bought my 2016 5 weeks ago and got the Premium Care warranty. Last week there was water in the headlight, dealer said it wasn't covered. I called Lincoln and they claimed it wasn't covered HOWEVER their literature shows it is. The next day they called and it's covered 100% no deductible. The headlight costs $1850, my warranty cost me $1800. You do the math, I'm already ahead of the game after only a month!
  5. LeoC2

    window controls my mirror

    #1: You probably hit the fold button at the same time, they are pretty close together. #2: STOP LITTERING!
  6. LeoC2

    New member. Have MKX for 4 years!

    What with these vehicles being so complicated and so computer controlled you would be very wise to purchase an extended warranty. I picked up a Certified MKX from the dealer three weeks ago. It included an extended warranty that only went to the end of 2021. Before I even sat in it I purchased an extended time warranty from Lincoln at the dealer. For $1800 I get my warranty extended to the end of 2025 or the included 100,000 miles. All it would take is one major breakdown to exceed the purchase price. For example.... it's been back twice for service! - The moonroof didn't close properly - Driver's side puddle lamp needed replacement - One day the car wouldn't start, it was completely dead (bad battery), had to call for Lincoln roadside help. - The other day it just quit on my while driving, TWICE! Turns out the start switch module was bad and would shut the car off. To fix they need to replace the part and module and nearly disassemble the entire console to get at it. They've had it for 5 days now and gave me a loaner. I think I got my money's worth already!
  7. LeoC2

    Anyone else having problems?

    That sound seems to me like the fan is hitting something. When the car quit running did it simply shut down, everything went off? Did it start right up again when you pressed the start button? Mine is in the shop right now for that. If so, do you know what modules they replaced?
  8. LeoC2


    Hopefully this older thread can be ressurected. Today my installer came by to replace the Sync 2 with the Sync 3. Everything wqas goiunf smoothly until it came time to remove the console. The media bin seems to be held down with a ship's anchor! She removed all bolts and popped all clips and the damn thing won't come out. It seems to be held in place by another bold but we can't find it. Anyone have a solution so we can get this done?
  9. LeoC2

    Lincoln Way App

    I don't see oil life either and I tried the unintsall/install but still not there. I didn't know that feature was in the app until I saw thjis post.
  10. LeoC2

    Creating wallpaper images

    By the way, I did solve the no loading problem. Files need to be saved at 72dpi, any higher resolution will not load.
  11. LeoC2

    Creating wallpaper images

    I have SYNC 2, from what I understand it's not possible in SYNC 3 apparently.
  12. I just bought my 2016 with 41,000 miles from a Lincoln dealership. It is a "certified" vehicle that comes with an extended warranty that goes to end of 2021. Vehicle looks like it came off the factory floor, it was flawless. That all being said I would recommend you check out Lincoln certified used because the prices are about the same as other off lease dealers (Autotrader, Carvana, OffLeaseOnly, etc.) and you get a whole lot more. I even opted for more coverage and paid to have the warranty go to the end of 2025! I paid $24,000 (not including the extra warranty) which I feel was a very good deal.
  13. LeoC2

    Creating wallpaper images

    I created a wallpaper images as per specifications. 800x384 jpg saved on a thumb drive. When I attempt to load it onto the MKX the files show up but when I select the file I want I get a message saying the image is not to specifications. The files are only about 700kb or less so size isn't a problem. They were created in Adobe Illustrator on a MacBook Pro. One is attached here, it's the logo of my Lincoln car club. I downloaded a wallpaper file from the internet to test it and it loaded to the MKX just fine. Anyone have an idea what I could be doing wrong?
  14. Today I bought this beautiful 2016 MKX Reserve FULLY loaded with options I didn't even know I needed. I got it from a Lincoln dealer so it is certified and comes with the 100,000 mile warranty extension. I pick it up on Monday. 2d920c71d93e2d891b928bf1c13a8a5ex.jpg.jp2
  15. Thanks guys for the info. Well it seems like there are multiple opinions out there as is usually the case on auto forums. I should have added that I don't really tow great distances, usually less than 10 miles and only about 10 times during the season. It's by no means a lot but it is important. There are so many coming off lease I'm sure I'll find the right one for my needs.