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  1. Thanks for the responses. I was able to get the factory code with the 2 keys we have using the procedure in the owners manual.
  2. We recently purchased a used 2016 MKX from a non Lincoln dealer. The dealer wouldn't/couldn't contact the previous owner to get the keyless entry code, so I could then change to a code of my liking. There was also no owner card in the vehicle owners manual. On previous Ford/Lincolns, there was a hidden tag somewhere that gave the factory master code. Did they do this for the 2016 MKX, or am I going to need to go to a dealer to get it reset?
  3. I have a 2016 MKX that I believe has a bad rear mirror motor. I have purchased the new motor, but need advice removing the mirror glass to access the mirror motor. I have searched everywhere, but have only found a video that essentially forces the mirror off by reaching behind it and pulling on some clips. I can't really get my fingers behind the mirror glass, and am afraid to force it off the clips for fear of breaking the glass, which is available but very expensive. Does anyone have advice on how to remove the mirror glass to get access to the motor?