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  1. Three issues with my otherwise delightful 2019 Nautilus. 1) The threaded rod, part of the power seat up-back mechanism is exposed. Just waiting to ensnarl someone's coat or at least get it greasy. You can see it by moving the seat all the way back and looking down at the track. 2) The touch-screen should allow the user to customize where icons live. There are some that I use quite frequently and should be moved to the first screen; low-use ones should be allowed to be moved to the back of the class, so to speak. Additionally, it takes me three or four touches to get to the heated steering wheel icon. I wish I could make that easier. I's also like one swipe to be able to turn off the display completely. The logic is already there - you can one-touch it back to display mode after you've turned it off. 3) The push-buttons for defeating the auto engine-off and the hold feature are inconveniently placed. And the light controls are near impossible to use without looking for them, not easy when you're driving, especially at night. Otherwise, a well thought-out and nicely executed vehicle. My first Ford product since my '72 LTD.
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    Transmission Clunking

    I should've added that this car is an absolute pleasure to drive and except for the transmission issue has been otherwise perfect.
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    Transmission Clunking

    Apparently, there is a service notice on this issue regarding the 8F57 transmission. NHTSA ID Number: 10159459 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 19-2103 For me, it was selecting Drive after having been in Reverse - a loud thunk in the transmission as if you had just run over something. It's been happening for about a week now, intermittently, probably 50% of the time. On the basis of the information I found on the net, I will be taking the car in for service. It has 3K miles on it. Hope this information helps you-all.