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  1. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    Maybe on earlier models but 2016 MKX has only the seat position module and 110v power inverter under the passenger seat, I removed the seat completely and climate control module is just not there, so I am looking for help to locate it. Fuses are fine.
  2. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    Hello! So I replaced the fan/TED assemblies and still problem persists. Has anyone figured where is the physical location of seat cool / heat control module is on this vehicle (2016 MKX)? Under the passenger seat only positions control module and 110v power inverter, no seat climate control module.
  3. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    But the back of the seats are cooling and heating
  4. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    Do you know how this part looks like and where it is installed?
  5. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    Unfortunately I checked the bottom fans on both front seats are blowing. And still no heating or cooling under my butt when seating on them. What else can be the problem? Any help would be much appreciated
  6. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    Here it is if anyone else needs it: Part #: 19N550Ahttps://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/suspension/ride-control/blower-assy-vent-air-ccs-6396749-1
  7. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    Thank you. Are there part numbers for the failed bottom section fans and / or schematics of these seats?
  8. VBBoston

    Front Seat Cooling

    We have this problem on our 2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label: the back of the front seats are warming and cooling and we can hear the fans blowing when the functions are turned on, but the bottoms of the seats are not warming nor cooling anymore. First, this happened to the front passenger seat, then a few months later - to driver's seat. What can be the problem? Are there 2 fans per seat and 1 of them failed or what? Any help would be much appreciated!