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  1. The Kelvinator

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    There are two versions of the THX and the Revel stereo systems. I am referring the high-end versions of both. I had a 2011 MKX with the superior THX system. My MKX never rattled and the system was much fuller. There are mid-low-end frequencies that are not fully supported by the Revel Ultima system, which causes the bass to seem almost detached. If I only listened to classical music or operas there would be no issue; but I listen to jazz. I have read another post that suggested that the woofers are not large enough to support the larger range of frequencies causing the system to not carry a fuller sound. I'm beginning to agree. For me, and so many others, the Revel Ultima system is very disappointing.
  2. The Kelvinator

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    To MKXMark Why would you ask that question? How would this help? I am unsure why Lincoln and dealers keep insisting that the Revel Ultima sound system is better than the THX. The Revel Ultima is a step-down. I am not saying Revel does not make a more superior product but the product that they have provided Lincoln is one one of their low-end products. It's a big disappointment to the audiophiles which Lincoln claims to cater to.
  3. Has anyone found a solution for this disappointing sound system, that sound like a transistor radio? I am in my car for long periods of time and the sound system is very important to me. I have a 2016 MKX BL. It has 19 speakers and certain note or frequency ranges are dropped completely changing the music. It's horribly disappointing! For the amount of money I paid for the car, I should not have to get an aftermarket sound system. If I played opera or classical music the system is great. But listen to Jazz and Gospel. Just listen to Top 40 the sound is disappointing. Ford and Lincoln seem to just ignore all of the complaints about this issue.
  4. The Kelvinator

    Revel Ultima disappointment

    I also agree with kimmie300mks. I too love the Sony THX system in my 2011 Lincoln MKX. I now have 2016 MKX Black Label. The sound it tinny and my favorite jazz songs the have moving baselines cannot be heard on the Revel Ultima sound system. I love the car; the sound system does not live up to catering to the audiophile which Lincoln claims. Big disappointment! For the amount of money I paid for this car, I should not have to resort to aftermarket updates. The next time I take my car in for service, I will ask about the sound quality.