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  1. ks8780

    4g Modem replacement

    I am checking into this right now on my 2016 MKX. What I have found is parts are about $260 for part # AMMU7J A00A25 AA and my papers I found says 1 hour labor for a MKX. With that said the only quote I have gotten so far has been $600. I am awaiting another return call from another dealer
  2. ks8780

    Replacement wheel

    My new to me MKX Reserve has a slow leak in one tire. Turns out the wheel is bent at the bead and should be replaced. Anyone have a good source for a new wheel ? I haven't checked with the dealer yet but can imagine they will be pricey. Thinking I could build an attachment for a porta power to spread the pressure point out and maybe push it back out. Might not be the brightest idea but would give it a try. Would not have to push it to far but would hate to ruin a wheel without a replacement on hand either. Thanks
  3. ks8780

    New guy with a key fob question

    Just a quick followup. I went to my local dealer and they tried to reprogram the fob but decided it was bad. They ordered me a new fob as I was still under factory warranty. All is well now. Thanks
  4. ks8780

    New guy with a key fob question

    That's what I thought also from some research. Thanks
  5. ks8780

    New guy with a key fob question

    So.... Is there anything I can do with my 1 fob that works and the other that mostly works at home as far as reprogramming the "bad" fob?
  6. ks8780

    New guy with a key fob question

    If this is the problem can I reprogram the fob myself or dealer only? I think I read somewhere that you need 2 working fobs to do it correctly. I will check the book some more also.
  7. ks8780

    New guy with a key fob question

    I will pull it back apart and check again and see how many volts the new batteries are at. Maybe my new ones were bad also. Just pulled it back apart. Everything appears clean and correct. Batteries tested 3.1 and 3.2 volts. Thanks
  8. ks8780

    New guy with a key fob question

    Hello, I am a new member but a long time Lincoln owner ( '08 MKX) . I just picked up a '16 MKX Reserve and have a quick question. I have push button start and 2 key fobs. They both unlock the doors start the car and remote start. Here's the deal. 1 will turn on the what I will call welcome lights and puddle lights when approaching the car and also unlock the door as soon as you touch the inside of the handle. The other will not turn on the welcome lights or puddle lights and seems to unlock the door but you have to pull the handle 1 time first. The welcome lights and puddles will come on if you push the unlock button and of course the door will unlock. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing or what ? Anything to do with MYKey or will only the admin key turn on the lights ? I would like both fobs to act the same. I did change batteries in the one fob but it still acts the same. Thanks