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  1. I assume this all relates to the 8 speed auto, since I have not experienced any of these issues on our 2018 MKX 6 speed auto.
  2. JacobZ06

    New Member Vancouver BC - Jacob

    I wouldn't call it a rocket but it is no slouch. It is a great road trip vehicle and the 2.7 twin turbo does very well in the mountains. The 2018 MKX has a 6 speed auto and the newer F150's have a 10 speed auto. When I have a need for speed I hop in the blue Z06 car.
  3. JacobZ06

    Auto Start Stop.

    There is a way to turn if off permanently. You need to add a jumper to the stop switch. In essence, the stop switch becomes engaged each time you start the car. It may take a little research to determine which posts on the switch to jumper (if more than 2 posts exisit).
  4. A cloudy day in the Pacific Northwest, but an opportunity for a soft lighting photoshoot. The car is sporting our winter wheel/tire setup. The ride is actually improved over the factory 21 inch Pirellis with these taller sidewall 20 inch Michelins running 33 PSI. Jacob
  5. JacobZ06

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    What jack are you using? Is it air over hydraulic ?
  6. JacobZ06

    Fusion wheels will fit on a 2016 MKX!

    From what I have heard on the Edge/MKX forums, you might be disappointed with the 8 speed auto. In essence, Ford inserted a new 2nd gear (without changing the other gears) and added an overdrive gear to the 6 speed auto to get the 8 speed. The resulting gearbox has suffered a number of erratic shifting issues.
  7. Another image from our recent 1st MKX photo shoot.... .....near our preferred park. Jacob
  8. Based on some great advice from a very wise friend, I used CarPro Essence Plus to do a nano coating paint protection.
  9. A great day for a photo shoot and fairly close to home. This car we have named "The Eagle", because of the look of the headlight and grille section. I was hooked on the Iced Mocha colour and the wheels at first sight. Liking this car more each day. Jacob
  10. Our 2018 MKX is noticeably more responsive in Sport Mode. It may be simply how the software delivers throttle response and more aggressive transmission behaviour in Sport vs Drive.
  11. JacobZ06

    Using FORScan to 'tweak' the X

    Here is a list of Forscan mods I am working on for a 2018 MKX.
  12. PURL, diluted 1:5 with water, from CarPro products. https://carpro.global/products/
  13. JacobZ06

    wheels and tires

    20 inch Touren TR60 wheels with Michelin LTX M+S 265/R50-20. These are photoshopped onto our car but they came off our 2018 Explorer which has the same wheels specs as the MKX. They are about .8" taller diameter than the stock 21 inch setup. Jacob.
  14. JacobZ06

    New Member Vancouver BC - Jacob

    First mod was to get rid of the ugly front plate mount & relocate the plate down. These mounts are a bit pricey but are well made and are ideal for car shows. https://bigmikesperformanceparts.com/ Jacob
  15. Just purchased a 2018 Ice Mocha 2.7 TT MKX. Traded our 2018 Explorer Platinum as we wanted something a little smaller. JacobZ06