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  1. sean_p_lynch

    2017 MKX Select

    Great! No PTU to worry about. It's not a problem, just some mechanics aren't going to be aware of the ford service bulletins for the vehicle. Just change fluids often and enjoy!
  2. sean_p_lynch

    2017 MKX Select

    I bought a 2017 reserve a year ago and love it. I think you'll be happy You didn't say if it is AWD or FWD If it is Front Wheel Drive, you don't have to worry about this. If you have AWD and are towing, make sure you get the PTU oil changed regularly. For standard driving I believe 75k miles is recommended for the Lincoln MKX or Ford Edge. For 'heavy duty' use, more often. Heavy duty includes use as a cab or livery (uber), and towing. as often as every 10K to 15K miles. If you are using a non-synthetic oil and heavy towing, Ford says to change it every 3.000 Miles! There is a technical service bulletin, or a message for the models that need this, but it doesn't always get noticed at dealerships. You can search for 'ford edge PTU oil change', or 'Lincoln MKX PTU oil change' to find out more. It is much cheaper to pay to get it done than to let the unit fail. Maintenance is cheaper than replacement If you are a do it your selfer and have the right tools, it isn't too hard to do yourself. More work than an oil change, but less work than a complete radiator flush The Ford Edge community has a lot of advice that applies to the MKX
  3. sean_p_lynch

    Window Shattered

    I've heard of this happening to panoramic sun roofs, because of rapid expansion, but never these small triangles. The panoramic sunroof thing is not a Lincoln or Ford specific thing, just so much glass on the roof takes a beating from the sun. This small triangle was one of the small 'features' that made us choose our Lincoln. So many cars mount their side view mirrors at this point and that, along with the wider window pillars required for safety, act increase the driver's blind spots in the front two sides of the vehicle. The triangle of glass and door mounted side mirrors of the Lincoln give a little more viewing area than many other cars. I hope this is easily fixed.
  4. Yeah, poor design. State Trooper: "Why are you pulled over on the side of the road?" You: "My battery is dead" State Trooper: "I'll need to see your registration and proof of insurance" You: "Well, funny thing officer, they're in my glove box..." Can you borrow a battery? If you hook up jumper cables, the other car will supply power. A re-chargeable jumper will do the same. You list your car as 2016-2018. Are you still under warranty? Call Lincoln road service.
  5. sean_p_lynch

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    You're right. I should have described it as 'foot dragging' instead of a cover up. The fiesta was a low profit car, and the cost of repairs would reflect badly on the bottom line. However, after the law suits and settlements ended up making it even worse financially. Addressing the issue quickly would have saved more money in the long run. I didn't think the focus was effected as well. At least we benefit for a few years, the company is responding quickly to issues after learning the hard way.
  6. sean_p_lynch

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    Car manufacturers have to fix recalls, regardless of warranty. I think it is a good sign when the manufacturer is pro-active and doesn't drag their feet. Ford tried covering up the transmission problems on their 3 cylinder Fiestas for a couple of years, and now they owe a ton of money to everyone. If they had admitted it, fixed it and moved on, it would have been a nothing burger. Right now Ford seems to be paying attention to flaws and getting it fixed quickly. A good time to own one.
  7. sean_p_lynch

    Brand new - pre-owned 2017 MKX

    It's been trouble free. just about to reach the one year mark since we bought it. I had one flat from a screw in the tire, but no issues. I've been on three long road trips. This car loves the highway. There is a slight noise around 75mph plus. Like some kind of wind noise. might be related to the following: https://www.carcomplaints.com/Lincoln/MKX/2017/tsbs/tsb-ssm-47814.shtml I'm going to mention it on my next service visit. There is a recall on the MKX right now. wiring harness fire hazard. Lincoln/Ford contacted vial mail and email. The Lincoln Way app popped up a warning, and the dealer got in touch with us. I'm waiting for the dealer to get the parts in, for the fix. Make sure you ask if yours has been fixed yet. Enjoy the 2.7L. I haven't had any regrets with the 3.7. It has 305 HP, a 1962 continental only had 140 HP. Check the car history, get a mechanic to check it over with a scan tool, and get a good deal.
  8. sean_p_lynch

    Rear Wiper Blade replacement on 2016 MKX

    Cosmos36, I don't think my arms are that long! Good way to do it though.
  9. sean_p_lynch

    Rear Wiper Blade replacement on 2016 MKX

    I even tried finding video of the 2016 Ford Edge, it's the same as the MKX. It was tough to get the old one off, I kept thinking that I shouldn't have to use this much force. The Valeo replacement would also work, as seen in their video.
  10. sean_p_lynch

    Rear Wiper Blade replacement on 2016 MKX

    Ruby, the video above shows the older style wiper blade. 2016/2017 is like the one in the video below. Notice the difference in the plastic arm housing in the video above and below. Bosch Rear Wiper Blade A281HBosch Rear Wiper Blade A281HBosch Rear Wiper Blade A281H I ordered a Bosch replacement wiper (Bosch Rear Wiper Blade A281H) The replacement came with an adapter so it can fit multiple vehicles. My MKX did not need the adapter. It took a lot of force to get it off, but the replacement snapped on easily. It is hard to get the notch lined up with the bar it snaps on to. You cannot lift the blade too far off the window, so it is hard to see under there. Once you get it lined up, it snaps right on. Make sure you have a good light shining on it, it makes it easier to see. Good luck
  11. sean_p_lynch

    towing advice needed

    I would actually recommend the 3.7 over the 2.7 for towing. If you look at the toque curves for both engines, they are very similar. . Looking at the horsepower curves, you can see how the 2.7l turbo gets up to a higher horsepower very quickly, which is great for when you are not towing and want to pass quickly, but you don't care about HP here. The difference between 303 and 335 HP isn't as important as other things. The 2.7l is more 'pointy', while the 3.7 l is 'flatter'. The 3.7 l gets near the top and stays near the top for a wide range of RPM. I have links below to show this. Why am I recommending the 3.7l over the 2.7l? Two main reasons, and both have to do with heat. 1) Running a turbo creates a whole bunch of extra heat. The turbo needs to use the car's engine coolant to keep itself from overheating. towing adds a great deal of effort, so your engine and transmission are already producing extra heat, ad in a turbo and you are really cooking everything in the engine compartment. 2) The 3.7l is larger than the 2.7l. This means it has more surface area, and so it has more ability to radiate away excess heat. Add that to the lack of a turbo, and you should get the idea. I didn't think the MKZ/Zephyr offered a towing package, like the MKX/Nautilus does. The MKX package include a hitch, wiring and anti-sway software for the drive system. It does not include a heavy duty radiator, or a transmission cooling radiator. You'll have to get an after market towing package. The MKZ is on the same CD4 frame as the MKX/Nautilus/Edge, so there should be options out there. I don't know of any that have covers when not in use. I believe the navigator and aviator towing package have additional cooling features. I'm not sure I would recommend adding an after market transmission cooler to a '16 or '17 MKX. The computer systems are so complex on cars now, unless the mechanic could re-program your system to understand the changes, I would avoid that. When towing, think 'slow and steady' wins the race. You want to reduce strain of your drive train and avoid overheating. Just drive sensibly and keep an eye on the temperature gauge. https://www.automobile-catalog.com/curve/2018/2227025/lincoln_mkx_3_7l_v6.html https://www.automobile-catalog.com/curve/2018/2227055/lincoln_mkx_2_7l_ecoboost_v6.html
  12. Check out the center console for the 2015 compared to the 2016. The 2015 had climate controls on the center console, but other functions like the radio all had to be handled by the steering wheel or the Lincoln My-Touch touch screen. The 2016 and later models6 added back a lot of actual buttons to the center console so you could change settings by feel, instead of taking your eyes off the road to look at a touch screen. Not everyone cared about this, but it was a major complaint from people who did care, and Lincoln addressed in later models. The Lincoln demographic tends to be a little older, and I guess that not taking your eyes off the road is a liitle more important to drivers over 20 or 25 years of age. When you are test driving models, pay attention to this difference. It may or may not be important to you. Mid year in the 2016 model, Lincoln changed from the Lincoln My-Touch to the Sync3 interface for their touch screens. This may or may not be important to you if looking at 2016 models. EDIT: I've added screenshots from the two years for you to see the difference. Also note that the 2016 introduced the push button transmission. This took me a few days to get used to. I can see how it would be unliked by some drivers. It doesn't bother me, but you may prefer the gear lever of the 2015.
  13. a better pic showing the heated steering wheel on the home screen. My car is a 2017 MKX. You can see that it was 10ยบ outside today, so I really was using the heated steering wheel!
  14. I have a 2017 MKX.ted steering wheel icon is on the home screen. I attached a fuzzy picture below showing this. lower right of the screen. Between the icons for the heated and cooled seat controls. I turned it on for the picture. (Sorry about the flash.)
  15. sean_p_lynch

    Exhaust fumes in Nautilus

    Scotty also says that rotten egg smell can come from a bad battery. The hydrochloric acid could forming H2SO4, (rotten egg smell) and that could be a source. Check the battery for leaks and corrosion. My bet is still on bad gas or weird additives.