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  1. wbferrara

    Odor after turning A/C off

    I don't need to use my A/C that often, but when I do, when I turn it off, there is a musty odor that lasts for a minute or two. There is no odor when the A/C is running, or at other times when A/C is off. It is not exhaust. Have had regular dealer service, and cabin air filter has been checked and replaced. Any thoughts? I live in San Diego, so humidity or mold is not likely an issue. Thanks
  2. wbferrara

    Radio reset?

    Just cam back from annual servicing and noticed that the radio no longer displayed HD on the main screen or center stack (and didn't sound quite right). There was no servicing of the radio system, but did note that some settings (eg seat) had changed I recall reading about a technique for resetting the radio, but can't recall the sequence of button pushes, and had no luck searching the forum for same. Any of you wizards recall the proper incantation?
  3. wbferrara

    2021 Nautilus

    The Lincoln build site appears to show Black Label only available in AWD and with only one interior choice (no themes). Is this a trend or just because it's early in the build?
  4. wbferrara

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Follow up on my earlier post. Was going to give the upgrade a try, and when I went to insert the USB I had a waiting notification that it had upgraded itself over the air! And seems to work fine. As noted before, only discernible change was that speed on Waze is correct now.
  5. wbferrara

    New SYNC 3 upgrade available.

    Curious-about a month ago I did the NAV map update. The download file was JR3T-14G424. The Lincoln site says I have an update available for Sync 3 download file was JR3T--14G381-AS. The car says it still has the older build for Sync 3. Am I going to mess things up installing this update, or is it totally separate from the NAVY update?
  6. Any recommendations on best product for cleaning/conditioning leather interior on Black Label MKX? Not sure if there’s a difference warranting something speacial.
  7. wbferrara

    The New Ride: 2018 Black Label 2.7TT

    Congrats! I wound up with the exact same configuration. I traded in a 2016 Reserve also with only 18.5k miles on it, which had been a custom order in Feb 2016. With the available incentives and equity I had! The drive away price was less than the 2016. My monthly payment on the same 48 month 0% loan is 30 dollars less. The difference in the interiors is truly impressive. My main reasoning was that I was so happy with the Reserve, I grabbed the configuration and color I had always wished for at the end of the production run, expecting to keep it for a while. Really happy with the deal and the dealership. It was delivered from a dealership about 160 miles a way. Their Black Label salesman drove it down and delivered it to me at work. Even took me to lunch! A truly pleasant experience all around.
  8. wbferrara

    Saving current location

    Appreciate the suggestions. I’m guessing that the guidance that the system will automatically use your current location when you save a favorite unless otherwise specified is incorrect or misleading. Was trying to find out if I was just being technologically challenged in not being able to figure it out.
  9. wbferrara

    Saving current location

    Trying to setup a work location. The map does not list the road correctly so can’t input the address. Ithe prompt implies that if no address is input, it will use the current location. But I never seem to be able to save anything. Anyone get this feature to work properly? I’ve also experienced this when trying to save a non mapped destination as a favorite. Thanks
  10. Is a Lincoln Drive Control only applicable to AWD?
  11. wbferrara

    Digital Speedometer question

    While getting my 20k service, I was wandering the lot and sat in a 2018 MKX, and the center of the instrument cluster had 4 options: Entertainment, Navigation, Phone and SPEEDOMETER, which displays a digital readout right in the center space. Was I hallucinating? Haven't seen this described elsewhere.
  12. wbferrara

    SYNC Update from 2.3 to 3.0

    Mine as well.
  13. wbferrara

    Adaptive LED headlights conversion

    I have a Reserve with all the bells and whistles but can’t find any menu items other than auto high beams. Where is that option lurking?
  14. wbferrara

    Did Gracenote move?

    I updated to latest Sync3 version, and now I can’t seem to find the setting that allows you to choose Gracenote database or the info in the media files. Did I eat too many mushrooms?
  15. wbferrara

    Update to Lincoln iPhone App

    Updated Sync a few weeks ago, newest version of Lincoln app today. Can’t see any differences.