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  1. Just as a reference, I have a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve with Tech package , took delivery in Jan. 2019. Now has 18,000 miles and no transmission problems, In fact the car has been trouble free for over the year I have owned it. Love this vehicle. Sorry to hear of your problems.
  2. DeeCee

    window stickers

    There is a guy on this site that has been able to get them You just have to give him the VIN and he responds with a PDF of your window sticker https://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/forum/72-ford-motor-company-discussion-forum/
  3. DeeCee

    First road trip observations

    After about 7500 miles, mostly local driving on hilly, curvy roads with a speed limit of 40 to 45 MPH, my mileage has been in the low to mid 20's. My driving style is not like the church lady but I seldom use sport mode. My style is to engage the ACC as soon as possible and let the computer do the rest. I just watch and steer and enjoy the ride. My Nautilus Reserve has the 2.0T engine which I find more than adequate for me.
  4. DeeCee

    First road trip observations

    Did you try using the ACC in the stop and go traffic? I have used it several times and the more I use it the more confident It becomes. At first you are quite wary that the car is going to stop in time but it always does. I use the ACC almost all the time now, both on the highway and in city traffic driving. Also on the one road trip I have taken so far I used the lane centering feature and found it to be adequate and lets you relax some on the drive. Just a light touch on the steering wheel keeps it from nagging you.
  5. DeeCee

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Yes, this is the Stop and Go feature of the ACC. Takes some getting used to at first as you aren't quite sure it going to stop on its own but it does. If after coming to a complete stop, the car in front of you doesn't start moving in a few (3-4) seconds the system will not start up again on its own but a touch of the resume button or a light tap on the accelerator will get you going again.
  6. DeeCee

    Oerheat Incident

    I was worried abut possible engine damage too. The sales manager assured me that the software in these vehicles will protect form incurring permanent damage, i.e., the limp home mode. Believe me, the limp home mode is truly a limp. The vehicle would hardly move at all by the time I was off the interstate. The car is running just fine since the repair.
  7. DeeCee

    Oerheat Incident

    On this trip I visited a daughter and her husband who recently got a new Lexus SUV which I rode in. It is no where as comfortable and quiet as my Nautilus. I was really shocked at how much road noise there was and the seat was not very comfortable to me.
  8. DeeCee

    Oerheat Incident

    Had an interesting experience with my new Nautilus last Friday. Was taking my first road trip and about two miles after getting on the interstate and traveling at 70 MPH, I got an overheat warning and the temp gauge was all red and full across the gauge. Also had an engine light and the vehicle went into limp home mode. Thankfully the traffic was light and I was able to get to the right and limped to the next exit. Once off the interstate I popped the hood and there was no indication of excessive heat, in fact the radiator was cool, however I noticed the coolant reservoir was empty. Called Lincoln roadside assistance who promptly sent a truck to get my car and haul it to my dealer. Got to the dealer and explained what happened. The service department said they would get right on it and they did. In about 30 minutes I was informed that a hose clamp on the radiator had not been installed correctly and the hose had worked loose and lost all the coolant. They corrected the clamp issue and refilled the coolant and then let the car run for about 30 minutes to be sure all was well. I had also talked to the sales manager and he immediately went to work to get me a loaner should they needed to keep my car. As it turned out I was able to complete my road trip in my own car with no further problems.
  9. DeeCee

    Picked up my 2019 Nautilus Reserve this week

    My Nautilus has the little steering wheel icon on the lower right side of the screen. Very easy to turn on the heated steering wheel and the nice thing is the system remembers that it was selected on and you don't have to re select it each time the car is started.
  10. Not sure why but mine is not popping up that annoying window any more. Took the car to the dealer last week and one of the salesmen who was their sync "expert" did a few things and it appeared to be fixed but a day later the pop up started again each time I started the car. Went back to the dealer again this week but this time went to the service department, One of the service reps got in and tried several things but in the end admitted he didn't think what he did would help and that he would notify Ford of the issue. I'm not sure what he did but the problem has gone away and I have not seen the pop up now for several days. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. My new Nautilus just started doing the same thing. Very annoying
  12. If you really believe what you said about the 22 way seat, why do you include a $1,500 seldom used option on your recommended list? Agree with your assessment of the 2.0L engine. That is what I have and find it more than adequate for my driving needs.
  13. DeeCee

    Production schedule

    This site can give you the information but be sure and read the rules before posting your request. Note in particular the requirement to have made 15 good posts on the Blue Oval forum site before being eligible to make a request. https://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/forum/80-vehicle-locator-by-ford-employees/
  14. DeeCee

    Nautilus AKA "Java"

    My new 2019 Nautilus in Iced Mocha and Coffee/Cappuccino interior. Thus the Java.
  15. Just checked mine and all three buttons are being shown. Tried the lock button and it worked okay. You might try removing the app and then re-downloading it for a fresh install.